Nancy Pelosi propagandizes pandemic by calling it “Trump Virus” – what does the CCP have on her and the Democrats?

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Image: Nancy Pelosi propagandizes pandemic by calling it “Trump Virus” – what does the CCP have on her and the Democrats?

(Natural News) Lately, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been taking pot shots at President Donald Trump for calling it the “Chinese Virus” or the “Wuhan Virus,” instead referring to it as the “Trump Virus.” And according to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), this is probably because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has some kind of dirt on Pelosi, and likely many other Democrats.

By calling it the Trump Virus, Pelosi is effectively playing right into the communist Chinese propaganda campaign concerning this plandemic, which originated in China and is thus the fault of China. Neither Pelosi nor any other Democrat can seem to stomach this truth, however, which creates a lot of questions as to why this might be the case? (Related: Check out this article to learn more about how China suppressed important information about the plandemic that cost people their lives).

“China’s deception has directly led to Americans’ deaths,” McCarthy stated during a recent press conference, calling out Pelosi for siding with the communists rather than our own president. “China covered up the truth about the virus. China hoarded personal protective equipment and tried to extort other countries for political leverage.”

“Now, China is trying to hack our vaccines, which will harm our ability to serve the world and solve this problem,” he added. “China is no friend to the United States, and that fact is clear to everyone except the Democrats … My question to my Democratic colleagues is simple: Are you willing to step up to stop these escalating threats from China, or will you continue to defend the actions of the Chinese Communist Party? Their actions and words continue to show Democrats have a China problem.


The Democrats are clearly working with Chinese communists to subvert and overthrow America

What Democrats like Pelosi have been doing and saying, on the other hand, would seem to suggest that they are in full support of the CCP and its propaganda campaigns. Not once have they supported President Trump in his efforts to root out Chinese corruption and influence in politics, science, and medicine, which would lead us to believe that the Democrats are actually working with these communists against American interests.

“Why does the speaker promote their propaganda by trying to blame the president of the United States for the Chinese Communist Party’s lies, even calling the virus the name of our president?” McCarthy asked point blank. “My final question would be: What does the Chinese Communist Party have on the Democrats? Why can’t they hold them accountable?”

It is no longer a matter of speculation that China has been sending communist spies into our country and embedding them in academia, the sciences, and even politics. This is why President Trump made the decision to shutter the Chinese consulate in Houston, which was reportedly a type of beachhead for the CCP to usher its “troops” into our country.

One would think that if the Democrats truly cared about our nation, they, too, would be wanting to root out this destructive force that has been progressively gaining an influence over our society. But instead, they seem to be working in lockstep with our enemies, which begs the question: Is it time to do away with the Democrat Party for the preservation of our Republic?

“The CCP paid off the Democrat Party with bribes,” wrote one Breitbart News commenter, offering her take on the situation.

“Just look at the $1.5 billion deal that Joe Biden’s crackhead son got from the CCP. The Democrats are corrupt, they are pathetic for accepting bribes from the CCP, and I hold them in contempt for selling the U.S. middle class down the river to the CCP.”

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