Armed Black Lives Matter regular who called opponents “p**sies” blown away in Austin after reportedly threatening a motorist

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Image: Armed Black Lives Matter regular who called opponents “p**sies” blown away in Austin after reportedly threatening a motorist

(Natural News) If you are getting the feeling that these ongoing “Black Lives Matter” demonstrations are getting way out of hand, you’re right — they are.

And in a New York minute.

Over the weekend, violence broke out in several cities around the country ostensibly tied to BLM demonstrations, though it’s also clear that, months after the George Floyd incident, the BLM movement itself is being utilized as a vehicle by anarchists to destroy the civil society in as many regions as possible.

Case in point: One armed BLM demonstrator appears to have lost his life because of his over-zealous activism.

As BizPac Review reports: 

A reportedly armed Black Lives Matter protester in Austin, Texas, was shot dead when the man allegedly approached a vehicle and the motorist opened fire.

The incident took place Saturday night during a protest in the city, as demonstrators marched in the street shutting down traffic.

According to an online account, the armed protester allegedly banged on the back of a vehicle and the driver got out and fired as many as eight shots.

Some video from the shooting was captured on video and posted to social media.

In a report about the incident, the Austin American Statesman quoted a local police official who provided details.

“One adult male victim was located with a gunshot wound,” Officer Katrina Ratcliff said ahead of confirming that a wounded man had been transported to a local hospital, where he was eventually pronounced dead. 

“Initial reports indicate that the victim may have been carrying a rifle and approached the suspect vehicle. Suspect was in the vehicle and shot at the victim. Suspect was detained and is cooperating with officers,” she added.

Early Sunday morning, the Statesman added, about 50 BLM demonstrators gathered near the Austin Police Department’s headquarters, where they had convened Saturday evening. 


“A visibly grieving woman, who is believed to be the victim’s fiance, joined protesters. Protesters surrounded her to give her their condolences while chanting what appeared to be the victim’s name,” the paper said.

The victim is believed to be Garrett Foster. In video posted to social media, Foster talks about why he was carrying what he called “an AK-47.”

“They don’t let us march in the streets anymore, so I’ve got to practice some of our rights,” Foster says in one. 

When asked if he felt like he was ready to use his weapon or wanted to, he replied, “Nah.”

“I mean, if I use it against the cops I’m dead. I think all the people that hate us and want to say shit to us are too big of p*ssies to stop and actually do anything about it,” states.

“Why’d you start carrying?” Foster was asked.

“Well, my roommate got arrested and they stopped letting us march anywhere so I just started carrying,” he responses.

Open-carry of rifles is legal in Texas; open-carry of handguns is legal with a license, BizPac Review noted.

At this writing, not all of the details are known. But one thing is clear: The mainstream media will be all over this story if the person who allegedly shot Foster was some ‘right-wing’ supporter of President Donald Trump (which, admittedly, is not common in Austin, a bright blue spot in the middle of red Texas).

There is another aspect of this incident that bears mentioning. As more of these protests occur and groups believe they have to stage them armed, then the likelihood of open warfare becomes ever more present. (Related: Trump to deploy more federal officers to protect America’s cities: “The bloodshed must end!)

It’s going to get ugly on the streets of American cities, folks. You may as well prepare for it, because it’s coming like a freight train.

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