Clear the way for the Covid vaccine – No nutrition, no supplements, no natural remedies allowed

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Image: Clear the way for the Covid vaccine – No nutrition, no supplements, no natural remedies allowed

(Natural News) The media is at war with the natural health world right now. The Lancet is at total war with the world on hydroxychloroquine. Social media is at war now, crushing posts, videos and discussions about anything that works against Covid, prevents it or beats it, including chlorine dioxide, vitamin D, elderberry, chaga mushrooms, reishi mushrooms, lions mane mushrooms, cordyceps mushrooms, licorice root, garlic, and of course, vitamin C. Bill Gates and Fraudulent Fauci are clearing the way for a dirty vaccine. The FDA is clearing the way. The CDC is clearing the way. All medical doctors and nurses are clearing the path for the dirtiest vaccine ever concocted. The devil wears a white lab coat, folks. And now he uses microchips, mercury and human abortion cells to make that vaccine you “want” so badly. Get ready, it’s coming.

This extortion is nothing new, the FDA and CDC have been playing this card for a century

Even when the “man” (Big pharma and the CDC) tested hydroxychloroquine against coronavirus, they purposely left zinc out of the equation. The hydroxy is just a catapult to get the zinc where it needs to go. So as it goes, mainstream conventional medicine, in all their shame, tested hydroxychloroquine without zinc, so they could screw over every American who wants to be sure to survive through this covid crisis.

We know you know that it had to be the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that led the way to their “consensus” to deny 330 million Americans a cheap, effective, simple way to whip corona. People, realize that if you take hydroxycholorquine with zinc, and supplement with vitamin D3 and vitamin C, there’s about a zero percent chance of zero that you die from this genetically modified flu virus.


Plus Trump touted it, so it had to be zeroed out, fake studied, and crushed. Can’t have Americans beatin’ down Bill Gates’ Disease with a simple supplement. No way. Fauci doesn’t make millions like that. The FDA has been crushing anyone who cures cancer since way back in the early 1900s. Currently, if any medical doctors so much as mention natural cures, they get their medical license suspended.

They’re all crooks and hucksters from the start – the FDA-Fraudulent Drug Association and the CDC-Center for Disease Continuance

That’s right, clear the way for the deadly Covid-19 vaccine from hell. Why not, right. Vaccines were corrupt from the start. The polio vaccine was faked. The autism-vaccine link is real and the CDC has covered it up for three decades. Today’s blood-thinning medications are made from a combination of rat poison and pig intestines. Our crops in America, if they’re not organic, are doused with Zyklon B pesticide, the same chemical used by Hitler to gas Jews to death in the “showers” of the concentration camps. Got cancer? Check the facts. Check the REAL history of medicine.

The history of hidden medicine, and that includes natural remedies and cures that work, plus all the way Big Pharma ruined natural cures by leaving out key ingredients, running clinical trials, and then publishing “peer reviewed” science that they don’t work. They’ve been doing this for 100 years everybody. It’s time the world knew it.

The FDA readily admits that prescription drugs, taken as directed by the doctors, kill one million Americans every 10 years. And you thought the George Floyd riots were bad. Know the true history of the USDA and how they sold out all Americans by colluding with biotech, the chemical-industrial division of US agriculture that pollutes all the crops with deadly pesticides, plus genetically modifies the produce down to the seed’s DNA.

They’re clearing the way everybody, to eliminating one third the population of the United States – and yes, that’s ONE HUNDRED MILLION people

Notice how Covid is only really a threat to the immune-system-compromised masses? Guess who they are. Go ahead, we’ll wait. They’re the ones who eat GMO food, drink fluoridated tap water, take prescription medications, and do exactly what the FDA and CDC tell them to do. They get their yearly flu shot too, laced with baby-killing mercury. These are the people who, whether they know yet or not, are fighting cancer, diabetes, heart disease, brittle bones, depression and anxiety. That’s why pharma invented SSRI drugs, for the people who like aspartame, MSG and mercury, the latter two of which are found in many vaccines, as listed on the CDC vaccine website in black and white!

Once upon a time, the head of the American Medical Association (AMA) was a monopolistic, criminal thug who sought to destroy all knowledge of natural cures and plant-based remedies. Nothing has changed. The American Medical Establishment has spent 100 years actively and aggressively suppressing information about nutritional therapies, mineral cures and natural cures.

They know what works and, if it’s cheap or natural or both, they shut it down, daily. Censored, deleted, blacklisted, banned, shadow-banned, funding-voided, and disappeared from Google and history in general. Heck, Fauci approved hydroxy with zinc 15 years ago. What a fraud that little troll has been revealed to be. The FDA doesn’t want anyone taking supplements, eating superfoods, or sucking down mineral-loaded water, cause that’s what puts them out of business.

Tune your internet dial right to and see how Fauci actually lies to your face everyday about Covid-19. Listen to him and you probably will catch it and spread it. He’s just one big germ bucket full of stinking, rotting contradictions. Avoid the Covid-19 vaccine like your life depends on it, because it just might. It should be renamed the Covid-Euthanasia-Final-Vaccine.

BREAKING NEWS: Get ready, here comes COVAXIN! It’s only the deadliest, most experimental, haphazard, super-fast-tracked vaccine containing human abortion cells and multiple strains of genetically mutated coronavirus (plus a GPS/medication delivery tracking chip), about to go into the muscle tissue of hundreds of millions of stupid sheeple people.

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