‘Forced’ vaccinations will control your life, warns religious-liberty group

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Image: ‘Forced’ vaccinations will control your life, warns religious-liberty group

(Natural News) Planned programs for mass vaccinations to combat the coronavirus pandemic may appear to be voluntary, but they will determine where people are allowed to travel and shop and even whether or not they can leave their homes, warns the religious-liberty legal group Liberty Counsel.

(Article republished from WND.com)

In an online campaign allowing people to express their opposition, the group points out that mandatory vaccinations set up the conflict between a government’s responsibility to take reasonable actions to protect public health and “a deeply personal decision of faith and/or medical necessity.”

“Just as the government has no right to force us to worship as they dictate, neither does the government have the right to force Americans to inject our bodies with unknown, and potentially untested, substances,” the organization contends.

Americans likely would object to forced vaccinations, but a “voluntary” program could have the same effect, Liberty Counsel says.

Liberty Counsel explained: “Mandatory vaccination will likely not mean that jackbooted government agents will hold you down and force a needle into your arm. Rather, if world news reports are accurate, your life will be made so uncomfortable without taking the vaccine that you will find that you don’t really have much of a choice. The playbook for how this will roll out is already on full display in several countries around the world.”

In India and China, “tracking and tracing” programs already are being used to control peoples’ movements.

“Before being allowed into any building, including offices, grocery stores and even pharmacies, users must display their COVID app status to officials or their deputies monitoring the doors,” Liberty Counsel says.

Billionaire Bill Gates is “touring the world” promoting the idea of a “digital health certificate,” which the European Union already is considering.

While President Trump has opposed mandatory vaccinations, some governors are in favor.

But Liberty Counsel says there’s still time for people to express their opposition.

“Freedom loving citizens must now rise up with one voice to… tell Congress NOT to pass compulsory vaccine laws,” the group says. “The American people are not mere cattle to be bagged, tagged and tracked. We are a free people who intend to keep ALL our liberties, including the liberty to decide what we want –or don’t want — injected into our bodies.”

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