Analyst says if we don’t confront totalitarianism of BLM, Antifa, with “just and necessary force,” widespread anarchy is coming

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Image: Analyst says if we don’t confront totalitarianism of BLM, Antifa, with “just and necessary force,” widespread anarchy is coming

(Natural News) A social and cultural analyst says that America must begin to use “just and necessary force” if we are to stop the “totalitarianism” driving Antifa and Black Lives Matter ideology.

Writing at WorldNetDaily, author Joe Keysor, who has taught English in Oman, mainland China and at his current post at Prince Sultan University in Saudi Arabia, praised President Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ policies and his attempts to roll back the federal bureaucracy and its “creeping tyranny,” but nonetheless believes that unless he confronts the rising militant, chaotic, revolutionary violence of BLM and Antifa, all that he has accomplished will be lost.

And that will be catastrophic for generations of Americans to come.

Keysor notes that the death of George Floyd galvanized and unified most of the country to seek justice in ways that had not been seen since the beginning of Trump’s presidency.

But the legitimate pursuit of justice for Floyd has since been hijacked by Leftists and anarchists who seek nothing less than a full-fledged cultural revolution of the kind Vladimir Lenin led in Russia after World War I.

Floyd’s death “has triggered a nationwide outbreak of looting, rioting and social chaos that goes far beyond mere protesting against injustice, and is becoming a threat to the very existence of civilized society. If unopposed, it has the potential to become a threat to the existence of our nation itself,” Keysor writes.

“The BLM people and their white leftist allies want to do more than just remove statues or loot some stores. They are aiming at a Marxist transformation of the United States. This has been done elsewhere: in China by Mao, in Russia by Lenin, by Castro in Cuba and in Cambodia by Pol Pot,” the author and analyst continues.


He notes further that it’s become clear that these forces of Marxism have seized upon the death of Floyd and other incidents to galvanize a segment of society that has been indoctrinated to hate our country and believe that no matter what ‘reforms’ are discussed or implemented, they will never be enough to rid our country of our ‘original sins’ like slavery.

But really, that’s not even the point. This group seeks a revolution of the type that will usher in the kind of authoritarian government our founders risked everything, including their lives, to fight against and eventually defeat.

These people couldn’t care less about George Floyd or slavery or anything at all to do with America’s history: They just want to tear it all down for the sake of destroying it and then rebuilding society in their intolerant, tyrannical worldview.

Keysor further notes: 

It seems hard to believe that people can be so cunning and devious with their long-range schemes for power, but that is what extreme leftists have done before and are doing now. What is really surprising, though, is the complete weakness of the response. Allowing people to rampage freely and then trying to arrest some of them after the fact will not restore the order this country so badly needs, nor will it prevent further mobs from indulging their criminal impulses at the slightest provocation, anywhere, any time.

“If this is not stopped by force, by lethal force if necessary, it will go on and on. There is no appeasing the violent revolutionaries and criminals who exploit real problems for their own selfish advantage,” he added. (Related: A civil war has begun, but only one side is fighting: Soon, normal people across America will pick up rifles and defend this nation against Black Lives TERRORISTS.)

We know that to be true because in case after case, instance after instance, even uber-liberal, uber-woke Democrat leaders of deep-blue cities and states cannot appease these perpetually outraged Leftist mobs of BLM and Antifa adherents.

They can’t ‘defund police’ enough. They can’t shift enough money to ‘social welfare programs.’ They can’t pander to, or virtue signal to the Leftist mobs enough.

For the rioting and destruction of society continues. And it will unless force, in the appropriate amount, is used to counter their force.

“Should some rioting and looting anarchists and criminals – not honest protesters – be shot in the line of duty, the media would scream bloody murder, and more violence would result – but have we reached the point where we as a society cannot even defend ourselves from the lawless?” Keysor asks.

Let’s hope not.

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