Healthcare workers encouraged to gather for black lives matter just weeks after Americans were jailed, fined, shamed for protesting tyrannical government lockdowns

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Image: Healthcare workers encouraged to gather for black lives matter just weeks after Americans were jailed, fined, shamed for protesting tyrannical government lockdowns

(Natural News) Over the past three months, state governments and public health officials instituted strict limits on public gatherings, shuttered small businesses and churches, and imposed stay-at-home orders, while enforcing social distancing and bodily requirements on all individuals. During this time, small business owners and pastors were arrested, bullied, and fined for opening up their buildings. As extended lockdowns and further restrictions on small businesses continued, many Americans rallied for freedom, only to be swiftly mocked as “dangerous” to the community. The governor of Michigan threatened protestors with longer lock downs and stay-at-home orders if they gathered at the capitol.

Now large public gatherings that call themselves “protests” are openly being encouraged across America. In fact, a protest movement called White Coats for Black Lives is being openly encouraged, with no resistance, no shaming that they are putting the public’s health at risk. This group consists of healthcare workers — people who have actually come in contact with sick patients. This group of superheroes is being praised for gathering, as freedom-loving Americans are attacked and banned from gathering at all.

Government lock downs and discriminatory restrictions slowly being exposed as fraudulent

When small business owners and those oppressed by lock down orders rallied at state capitols to get their freedom back, they were doing so to be treated equally, to reestablish opportunity for all. They rallied because they wanted to be free to take their own risks, not be held down and told to live in a perpetual state of fear and control. They ultimately needed to be in business to feed their families. As freedom-loving Americans moved forward with their lives, they were met with hostility and threats from governments. In some states, government brigades forced protestors off public property. The media shamed the protestors for putting everyone’s lives at risk.


Now, healthcare workers are being encouraged to assemble as they kneel together to demand racial equality. Government brigades are not breaking up their gatherings. In just one month, state governments targeted and bullied freedom-loving Americans, but backed down and openly allowed riots, looting and violence from racially-motivated groups of thugs.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the White Coats for Black Lives gathered en masse at the Emory University Hospital, kneeling for eight minutes and 46 seconds, to show their support for a man who was murdered by a Minneapolis police officer. Since George Floyd’s death, there have been countless acts of violence, buildings burned, cops shot, innocents beaten, yet we are being told that the abuse is coming systemically from whites, and blacks are victims to a culture of white privilege.

In Kansas City, at least 150 healthcare workers and students gathered together. They gathered to call for an end to systemic and institutionalized racism. The Kansas City Star reported that protesters “urged the white members of the crowd to reflect internally and ensure they were not harming people of color.”

Similar healthcare gatherings occurred in cities throughout the country. Never mind the fact that small businesses and churches owned by people of various races, backgrounds and ethnicity are currently being systemically suppressed by governments across the country. In some cities, as white people are shamed for systematically suppressing black people, these shuttered businesses are being looted and burned to the ground by Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs.

As people gather and as some riot for Black Lives Matter, it has become even more apparent than ever: The lockdowns were weaponized against free, productive people — conditioning everyone to believe that freedom is selfish. It’s also becoming abundantly clear: ongoing social distancing propaganda and discriminatory edicts against businesses and churches are complete and total fraud, a divisive plot to segregate, discriminate and shame some, while propping up others as a superior class of people known as “superheroes.”

But we’re told everything is white man’s fault.. Coronavirus spreads rapidly and kills when people rally for freedom, but coronavirus goes away when we gather in large groups and rally against white man.

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