If you don’t pay attention to the news, you’re uninformed, but if you do pay attention to the news, you’re misinformed

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Image: If you don’t pay attention to the news, you’re uninformed, but if you do pay attention to the news, you’re misinformed

(Natural News) How easy it is to find fake news, read it, and get upset or confused? Every day there’s a new fake “poll” out that will tell you Biden is in the lead, when Biden can’t even remember what the word lead means. Millions of Americans, it would seem, are fighting tooth and nail to turn our Republic into a socialist nightmare like Venezuela. It’s a communist playbook and the liberal extremist leaders are following it step by step.

We’re all to believe that the “blackface scandal” was countrywide, and that all sorts of conservatives were going around like this, offending Blacks in the USA, when come to find out, it’s nearly all Democrats and Hollywood Leftists (they’re all Leftists minus a handful), but the fake news has you misinformed. So you turn off the news for a while, but then you’re really in the dark. It’s tough to find truth news these days, especially while the libtards have complete control of social media, YouTube, Google, nearly every stinking newspaper, and of course, the “boob tube” a.k.a. the television.

Make no mistake, FAKE NEWS has been mainstream since Vietnam

Most of us grew up watching our parents read the newspaper from front to back and still watch the 6 o’clock news to find out what’s going on locally and around the world. News has been, for the most part, fake, ever since Vietnam.

If you watched the television, citizens were all told “we’re winning” and “we’re preventing the spread of communism.” Meanwhile, our soldiers were being dropped in a meat grinder, and if they didn’t get blown up, shot or captured, they came home with Agent Orange cancer that ate them down to the bone, then killed them. Martin Luther King, Jr. tried to blow the whistle, and the U.S. government had him shot in the head for talking about all the Blacks that were put out on the front lines.

The CDC was busy spreading lies about the polio vaccine working, when it was an abysmal failure. The polio vaccine didn’t work then and it doesn’t work now. Everybody was misinformed. Where was the real news then? Then, in the 1980s, genetically modified corn and soy hit the farms, the markets, the mouths. Nothing was in the news about it, so everyone was in the dark, simply uninformed that chemical pesticides in the genes of our food causes IBS, cancer and dementia.

Monsanto made the chemicals from WWII and Vietnam to kill humans, and they douse American crops with those same chemicals today

The weed killer used in conjunction with most of Monsanto/Bayer’s crops is called glyphosate, and it makes the other bug-and-weed-killing chemicals even more noxious and toxic to humans. All truth news about these deadly GMOs has been scrubbed, banned, blacklisted, censored and outright memory-holed from the internet. Talk about being misinformed and in the dark.

Independent media made up the term fake news for mainstream media that lies about everything to do with your health, safety and longevity. After the term got popular and started uncovering their lies, they flipped the script and began calling all truth news “fake news.” Finally, Trump flipped it back on them in 2015 and continued to do so, righteously, as he does now.

Fake news has commercials for toxic products (like medicine and fast food), and that’s how you know. Those companies that create toxic vaccines, deadly prescription drugs (think opiates), and chemical-laced foods – they pay for the advertising and thus control the dialogue of the news. The narrative. The lies.

Friends, remember, seeking only truth will we prevail. Vote these liars out of office. Stay informed, not misinformed. Stay tuned daily to Chaos.news for updates on what the Democrats are really doing to escalate the riots while suppressing Trump rallies.

Now watch the Queen of rebuttal rip into a fake news troll:

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