Facebook censorship strikes again, removing video pointing out flaws in Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine trials

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Image: Facebook censorship strikes again, removing video pointing out flaws in Moderna’s coronavirus vaccine trials

(Natural News) Children’s Health Defense Chairman Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., is the latest victim of Facebook censorship. In an editorial he recently posted on the movement’s website, he recounted how Facebook removed an IGTV interview he did with The Autism File founder Polly Tommey just ten minutes after he posted it without offering him any explanation.

Kennedy, Jr., said there were no inaccuracies in the video and that every statement he made is backed by peer-reviewed science. But the problem wasn’t that he was saying something untrue – the real issue is that he was talking about facts that are very inconvenient to the vaccine industry.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook depends on the World Health Organization to determine what constitutes “vaccine misinformation,” a term that Kennedy, Jr. says is now essentially a euphemism for any sort of information that is not in line with official WHO pronouncements.

Of course, Bill Gates is the single biggest donor to the WHO and his influence over the group is outsized. Gates also happens to be the biggest funder of the FactChecker program that is used by Facebook and Google to help identify and weed out what they term “disinformation” about vaccines.

One investigative journalist, Jeremy Hammond, said: “Facebook is guilty of misinforming its users about vaccine safety. They have no problem with lies about vaccine safety and effectiveness, as long as it’s intended to persuade parents to vaccinate their children.”

It’s not the only example of FactChecker flagging and censoring someone who was telling the truth. It happened to Vaxxed producer Del Bigtree when he mentioned the fact that vaccines contain aluminum and mercury, which are neurotoxins, and that they can cause encephalopathy. They said this was “false” and censored it even though this same information even appears on the package inserts that come with vaccines.


Video talks about coronavirus vaccine clinical trial’s many flaws

So, it should come as no surprise that Facebook took issue with Kennedy, Jr.’s interview. In the 45-minute video, he talks about the coronavirus vaccine and the trials that were recently carried out by Moderna. He explained the disastrous findings and the company’s PR spin, and Gates certainly wouldn’t want the world to hear these harsh truths.

In the interview, he said that past coronavirus vaccines have made people sicker and even caused some to die because of pathogenetic priming, which means these vaccines are actually priming people’s bodies to get even sicker. That’s why there has never been a successful vaccine for past coronaviruses, and the new one may well turn out to face the same issues.

He said that the recent Moderna trial involved 45 volunteers in Seattle, all of whom were very healthy. They were divided into three groups who got doses that were either low, medium or high. Three of the 15 individuals in the high-dose group got seriously ill and needed medical intervention or hospitalization.

That means 20 percent of the people in the high-dose group got seriously ill, and they were all healthier than the average American in the first place. At that rate, imagine how many people would get gravely ill if the vaccine were administered worldwide – the number could well be in the millions.

Moderna painted a different picture, saying their results were promising. However, they released very limited information to the public and talked about antibodies in vague terms – although we do know that just eight people developed antibodies. Yet somehow, the media presented the vaccine trial as a big triumph – and now we know that those who dare to point out just how bad it all looks are being silenced.

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