If you’re “anti-police” then you should not be allowed to call the police for help when other rioting idiots attack YOU

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Image: If you’re “anti-police” then you should not be allowed to call the police for help when other rioting idiots attack YOU

(Natural News) As each day goes by, Democrat Socialists get dumber and dumber. First, they sprayed graffiti on the Lincoln Memorial statue, which makes zero sense, considering what they’re protesting about. (Lincoln literally freed the slaves, you morons, haven’t you ever heard of the Emancipation Proclamation?) Next, they vandalized the streets of Washington D.C. by painting “Defund the Police” on 16th street. Really? Is there an ounce of I.Q. among them at all, anywhere? Then, they’re all screaming that they must be allowed to vote from home using easy-cheat mail-in ballots (Pelosi calls it vote-from-home) because they’re supposedly absolutely terrified of leaving their home to go to a voting precinct, where Covid-19 lurks, awaiting them, but then they gather in masses shoulder to shoulder to spit in the face of black police officers and throw Molotov cocktails at anyone who tells them to calm down.

Now, the whole Left has gone full-tard, begging the U.S. government to get rid of all police, so every day, from now til forever, can be chock full of rioting, looting, raping, murdering, burning, and it’s all part of their moronically hypocritical “fight for justice!” Then comes the ultimate irony, as it always does, to flip the script on the idiots who love to destroy everything when they get frustrated, including people’s lives. The morons who fuel the chaos get scared and call the very cops they hate so much in order to save themselves. The irony is absolutely priceless.

Texas store owner chases tard-o-crats from his store with his chainsaw, so the “anti-police” morons call the police to save themselves

Yes, it happened. In downtown McAllen, Texas, a store owner was arrested by police that were called by anti-police Democrats who beg for anarchy, hate all police (even black cops), and want no police in America ever again … except when they’re getting their asses handed to them. As Antifa terrorists trash cities, try to kill Trump fans and police, burn churches and deface historical statues, their ‘besties’ in the BLM call the police when anyone tries to defend themselves from the violent rioters. This is how you fight “white supremacy?” It’s the ultimate hypocrisy, and it’s just the way the Democrats like it.


Meanwhile, YouTube is actively banning anything destructive that Antifa or BLM does to the country so you can’t find the videos as proof, even though millions of pictures flood the internet daily on independent media, after they’re all flagged and blacklisted by Left-run social media. Watch these morons literally paint the streets, demanding no more police in America. This won’t last on YouTube long folks …

When white on black crime happens in America, the Democrats try to set everyone straight by killing innocent black people and ruining their businesses. As the media glorifies the violent “protests,” they celebrate the defamation of anything in Washington DC, since that’s where Trump lives. BLM and Antifa together have vandalized historic sites all over the National Mall, what was once a premier civil gathering place for peaceful demonstrations is now ground zero for massive looting, destruction, chaos, violence and anarchy. They’re literally singing songs while destroying their own country.

CNN, NYT and the other fake news outlets have the Left so brainwashed they can’t even see or think straight. They spray paint “Y’all not tired yet” everywhere there’s a wall, even on veteran memorials. They don’t care about anyone or anything at all, just hating Orange Man. They’re all still under hypnosis from that “great orator” Obama.

To pour salt in the wound, looters in New York, specifically the Bronx, are literally targeting minorities to pillage their stores and steal their livelihood. It’s disgusting, dangerous, and they just don’t care. It has NOTHING to do with George Floyd anymore.

None of it really has anything to do with the killing of George Floyd, that was just the match that lit the gasoline soaked bonfire

There was a formula for staging and setting up this fake race war in America. It was very simple, especially since Democrats are so dumbed down and emotional right now. There were eight easy steps that began in March, leading up to the Antifa war on America, that most leftists believe is just. It goes like this.

  1. Instill fear in everyone using a new virus that kills off the weak.
  2. Lock everyone in their houses “for safety” (to wreck all small businesses).
  3. Drive unemployment figures through the roof and pay people more money to stay home rather than go to work
  4. Ban all stress-relieving activities: no sports, no bars, no concerts, no theaters, no gyms, no gardening (seed sales were banned).
  5. No practicing religion of any kind in churches or temples, because socialism works hand in hand with satanism.
  6. Dehumanize everyone by making them wear masks everywhere, so you can’t understand what people are saying, you can’t see their expressions, and you can’t tell them apart from criminals.
  7. Keep it that way for a couple months.
  8. Light the match (white on black cop crime captured on video for mass media to propagandize for evermore.

Again, most of the protests have nothing to do with George Floyd. If they did, the protesters wouldn’t ruin other people’s lives, especially black people’s, in order to make their point. Notice the chaos is mainly happening in Democrat-led cities. The plan was always the same, and of course, the “match was lit” right when all small businesses were starting to be allowed to reopen. Coincidence? We think not.

Stay tuned to Trump.news for updates on the psychotic Left killing blacks in the name of not killing blacks. Democrats want no police so they can all invade the suburbs and rural homes of America and “take what’s theirs.” Yeah, they’re going to take fire from some automatic weapons, and that’s about all they’re going to take when they try that.

Keep protesting for “no police” and see where it gets you. Morons. Apparently now, cleaning nonsense graffiti off the walls in D.C. is racist. Black rioters are literally destroying black-owned and run businesses. It’s time to put all the rioters in prison for ten years, like Trump said.

Watch this and learn a few things about “protesting.” Show it to all your liberal “friends.”

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