After backlash from vaccine skeptics, Trump appears to be distancing himself from vaccines as the “cure-all” for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic

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Image: After backlash from vaccine skeptics, Trump appears to be distancing himself from vaccines as the “cure-all” for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic

(Natural News) After being strongly condemned by the pro-liberty, pro-health freedom movement, President Trump appears to be backing away from positioning vaccines as the “cure-all” for the coronavirus.

In comments made earlier today, Trump said, “Vaccine or no vaccine, we’re back.”

This is the first time Trump has publicly acknowledged the likelihood that a vaccine may never be developed that can safely and effectively prevent the spread of the coronavirus. It doesn’t mean Trump is opposed to vaccines, however. It’s just that he’s no longer praising vaccines as the miracle cure that will end the pandemic with certainty — a fraudulent, intellectually dishonest position held by nearly every journalist and scientist in America.

“We think we’re going to have a vaccine in the pretty near future, and if we do we’re going to really be a big step ahead,” Trump was quoted as saying in this CNBC article.

“And if we don’t, we’re going to be like so many other cases where you had a problem come in, it’ll go away at some point, it’ll go away,” he said.

Then again, Trump said the coronavirus would go away when there were just 15 infections in America. Yet today, there are close to 1.5 million infections, a nearly 100,000 times increase since Trump’s first claim that the virus would vanish.

This new podcast summarizes the increasing feeling that Trump has betrayed his own supporters when it comes to vaccines:

“Fight through it”

The president also explained that many infectious diseases never end up getting resolved with a vaccine. “And we’re starting the process. In many cases, they don’t have vaccines and a virus or a flu comes and you fight through it.”

This is the first clear indication that Trump isn’t betting everything on the corrupt, criminal vaccine industry that has harmed millions of children and adults around the world with faulty, risky products that contain dangerous or unethical ingredients like Thimerosal, squalene or aborted human fetal cells.

Until now, Trump seemed more like a vaccine cheerleader than an informed political leader. Perhaps Trump has come to realize that he will lose his voter base if he tries to push an unsafe, risky vaccine on the American public. Such a move looks increasingly like the evil plot of Dr. Fauci and the CDC, not anything rooted in real science or public health.

Why is Trump ignoring the crucial role of nutrition and immune support?

To this day, Trump still has made no mention of vitamin C, vitamin D or zinc — three nutrients that are backed by tremendous scientific knowledge in their ability to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. All three nutrients are affordable and widely available right now. No one has to wait a year to get them, yet Trump has neglected to mention nutrition at all, instead focusing on vaccines and Big Pharma as the only possible solution to the pandemic.

His top advisor, Dr. Fauci, seems to think that the American people should stay locked down until an experimental vaccine is commercially available and administered to everyone. Essentially, he asserts that no one should be allowed to leave their homes until they are injected with Big Pharma’s experimental cocktail that may or may not end up being safe.

Raising numerous red flags about a possible military-pharma police state in America, yesterday, President Trump said he would mobilize the U.S. military to distribute and administer coronavirus vaccines, invoking questions about why armed military soldiers would be involved in administering vaccines on U.S. soil. Under President Trump, the U.S. Dept, of Defense recently awarded a contract for up to 500 million injection devices that can be equipped with RFID tags and GPS location data that’s synced with a government cloud database.

It’s the perfect storm for a Big Pharma medical police state where the American people are vaccinated at gunpoint while the government tracks the vaccine status of every individual. If Trump continues down this road, he’s going to lose most of his political support, as pro-liberty, pro-America individuals have no appetite for being lined up like cattle and injected at gunpoint with risky, unsafe vaccines that were fast-tracked through the system under “Operation Warp Speed.”

Should Trump continue that effort, he will be pursuing his own “Operation Warped Mind” that will end in his defeat in November, likely followed by an armed uprising and civil war battle for the future of America.

If Trump sends soldiers door to door, forcibly injecting people against their will, they’d better be prepared to start taking live fire

Is Trump going to sacrifice the American people to serve as guinea pigs for Big Pharma’s insane vaccine experiments? We’ll have to wait and see how that one turns out. But as someone who is very much connected to the vaccine skeptics movement, I can assure the President that any effort to force vaccine mandates on the American people will result in an explosion of armed resistance from both progressives and conservatives.

From the progressive side of things, they won’t trust the rushed vaccine because it will be seen as “Trump’s vaccine.” For conservatives, they won’t tolerate any violation of their body and their blood by a tyrannical regime of corrupt vaccine zealots.

This is America. We don’t line up like cattle to be injected with your experimental medicine. Forced vaccines are medical RAPE, and any form of violent assault against an individual will be resisted with lethal force. In other words, if Trump really thinks U.S. soldiers are going to go door to door, forcibly injecting people with vaccines and yanking them out of their homes if they refuse to comply, those soldiers had better be prepared to start taking live fire from the citizens who have, plainly stated, had quite enough of the lockdowns, the government lies, the techno-fascist censorship and the Big Brother surveillance society.

We have reached the point where a large number of Americans would rather sacrifice their lives fighting for freedom than surrender to one more layer of tyranny from a corrupt, criminal system of junk science and treacherous vaccines led by criminals against humanity like Dr. Fauci (who belongs in prison for life, or perhaps even facing execution if found guilty of funding bioweapons development efforts in China).

The Second Amendment wasn’t particularly created to allow the citizens to resist vaccine tyranny, but it sure does work in that context, too. You attack us with a needle; we shoot back with AR-15s. Do the math.

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