Have you been tested for the novel-Bill-Gates-19 virus? Do you have Fauci-Syndrome? Get ready for the depopulation vaccine that will exterminate the masses (opinion)

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Image: Have you been tested for the novel-Bill-Gates-19 virus? Do you have Fauci-Syndrome? Get ready for the depopulation vaccine that will exterminate the masses (opinion)

(Natural News) Why bother sending children to school anymore when the globalists’ plan is to exterminate us all with a depopulation vaccine? That’s why Fauci and the Democrats don’t want any schools to reopen in the fall, because it’s pointless. Plus, the dumber the population, the easier it is to get everyone to vote for perpetual lockdown, shuttering of all small businesses to wipe out the middle class, and forced vaccination used to literally GIVE everyone COVID-20.

The majority of COVID test kits that are available now are faulty in some way. Many tests give you false positives, and that’s been studied already. Other ones give you false-negatives, up to 30% of the time. There are even records of unverified antibody tests spreading the virus, meaning the testing kit itself carries the infection. The polio vaccine given to millions of children in India (propagated by Bill Gates, of course) gave children permanent paralysis.

Vaccines are also known to spread the virus through shedding (also called vaccine-induced disease), when the vaccinated person sheds the live virus, exposing others during the first two weeks after injection. So there’s that.

Bill Gates has already flat out told the world that if we “do a really good job with vaccines …” we can reduce the world’s population by a few billion people. Really? How’s that Bill? Aren’t vaccines intended to prevent disease and death? There is no possible way that a billionaire globalist is all in for a COVID vaccine that will prevent disease and death, when he’s already proclaimed he wants the exact opposite to happen.

Spreading disease and death with vaccines – as the Deep State & Globalist Grim Reapers admit on video, twice even

Dr. Death, a.k.a. Dr. Fraud, a.k.a. Dr. Fauci said on video in 2017 that Trump will be challenged with a “Surprise Global Disease Outbreak” knowing good and well that it was a planned operation to reduce the world’s population, wreck the U.S. economy, and all in hopes of ousting Trump from the White House in November 2020.

Watch for yourself if you don’t believe it. There’s no way anybody could have made such a spot-on prediction, especially the head of infectious disease studies, who’s a deep-state troll who bows down to Bill Gates, Obama and George Soros.

Watch the creepy little disease-loving troll smile and smirk while he talks about the ominous future of infectious disease that Trump will deal with, all while Fauci plans for a depopulation vaccine with Communist China (think Gilead here – by the way, Gilead is the name for the new Nazi-America in a Hulu mini-series called Handmaid’s Tale – coincidence? We think not):

Here’s Bill “Gates of Hell” Gates spewing hatred for mankind at a TED talk where he outright says vaccines can be used as a biological weapon to reduce the world’s population by billions of people within a few decades. He even makes it clear that we need to do a “really good job” with vaccines and abortions to accomplish this.

That’s why all Democrats vote for late-term and day-of-birth abortions; because they’re all brainwashed to do exactly what Bill “Gates of Hell” Gates, Nazi-Sympathizer Soros and Dr. Death Fauci say to do, even if it means their own death and the death of their babies – anything to get Trump out of office so the globalists can turn America into a starving, desperate, police-state Communist country.

Hitler also had a depopulation agenda, just like Bill Gates and Dr. Death Fauci

Hitler too had a depopulation agenda similar to the COVID vaccine agenda. Hitler wanted to kill off anyone who was a “burden” to society and the economy, meaning all elderly folks, all mentally handicapped people, kids with autism, anyone with a birth defect, all Jews and all Blacks. That was the plan.

Now, the COVID vaccine will do just that, especially since it will be mostly administered to people in metropolitan cities first (think all minorities), pregnant women, newborn babies, and orthodox Jews in New York.

Tune your internet dial to Vaccines.news for updates on vaccines that give you polio, cancer and coronavirus, instead of preventing disease and infection. Yes, it’s come to that.

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