The coronavirus TRUMP TRAP is set: Second wave of infections and deaths may send Trump down in flames… and his own supporters are setting the bait with COMPLACENCY

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Image: The coronavirus TRUMP TRAP is set: Second wave of infections and deaths may send Trump down in flames… and his own supporters are setting the bait with COMPLACENCY

(Natural News) A devastating trap is being set for President Trump, and the trap is being baited by his own supporters who largely remain in a state of total denial about the severity and danger of the coronavirus pandemic.

This article offers a DETAILED ANALYSIS of Trump’s chances of winning the November elections, encompassing the coronavirus pandemic, stock market activity, deep state arrests and the possibility of war with China or Iran. Read to the end for a summary of the main points.

The trap consists of encouraging the reopening of the US economy while complacency is widespread and the masses have been falsely led to believe the virus is now extinguished just because the exponential explosion has been interrupted. Under the “complacency” scenario that now seems likely, things will look fine for about two months, after which the exponential explosion of the spread will have resumed with a new level of ferocity, suddenly overwhelming the nation with a shocking number of new hospitalizations and deaths in the Fall.

Further adding to the bizarre nature of this convergence of events, it is Democrats who are most likely to wear masks and exercise the social distancing measures that would speed the economic recovery and help Trump win re-election in November. Simultaneously, it’s conservatives and Trump supporters who are most likely to avoid wearing masks, thereby contributing to the spread of infections and the likelihood of a second wave of lockdowns that may destroy Trump’s chances of victory.

Although we already know that if 80% of the people simply wore masks in public, we could beat this pandemic and reopen the economy quite safely, we also know that the vast majority of Americans are brainwashed party line cultists who have zero ability to think for themselves. They go along with their preferred mob, regardless of how insanely stupid that mob might be. This is true among both Democrats and Republicans. This is why Democrats are screaming about carbon dioxide destroying the planet while Republicans are screaming that wearing masks spreads infectious disease.

Those of us who are informed and rational are coming to realize we are living in a world full of dangerous zombie cultists whose brains appear to have been consumed by pathogens. This should make the 2020 elections incredibly entertaining as conservatives argue against the policies that would ensure a Trump victory while Democrats argue in favor of precautions that will end the pandemic earlier, allowing the economy an opportunity to surge back just in time for the elections.

I call this the “Trump trap,” and what’s truly bizarre about all this is how the trap is being baited by Trump’s own supporters who refuse to take the steps necessary to end lockdowns and reopen the economy without leading to a second wave of infections and lockdowns:

Complacency will be the dominant factor in determining what happens over the next six months

America must now make a choice between caution and complacency.

Largely thanks to the ignorance and deceptive reporting of conservative media, a significant number of Americans are now convinced the coronavirus is no big deal, even as the number of deaths in America is headed toward 100,000. (The IHME projections now put US deaths at around 134,000 by the end of July, assuming no new second wave gets ignited.)

As daily deaths continue their steady slide downward thanks to the suppressing effects of the lockdowns, complacency has displaced concern, and most people are now concluding the pandemic is over and will fade away on its own. Thus, they figure, there’s no need to take precautions any longer. Some are even arguing that all the covid-19 deaths were faked from the very beginning, even though they have no explanation for why hospitals would be steadily reporting declines in deaths since around April 10th, if those hospitals were supposedly just faking all the deaths to cash in on government money. Is their theory now that hospitals hate money?

Across both conservative media and independent media, most sources have now concluded the virus never posed a threat and that the lockdowns were never even necessary from the start. Little do they realize that without the lockdowns that began roughly mid-March, we would right now be experiencing perhaps 20,000 deaths per day from the coronavirus, in the USA alone. Maybe even twice that.

But most people are incapable of seeing things which did not take place (i.e. things that were averted). Thus, when 20,000 deaths per day are not happening, that doesn’t factor into their own assessment. All they can see is the things that are right in front of their own eyes today, and what they see is the economic pain of the lockdowns, not the mass deaths that have been averted… at least for a while.

As a result, they have now convinced themselves the virus is harmless, and they are proceeding with the reopening of states like Texas with that same mindset of complacency and carelessness. It’s easy to spot these people in public, by the way: They’re the ones who refuse to wear a mask. They might as well be wearing a DUNCE hat. At least if they wore dunce hats, we’d be able to more easily spot them and avoid them.

The real question in all this is which group will win out over the next few months? Will it be the CAUTIOUS people, or the CARELESS ones?

Here’s an overview of my “10 Stages of Coronavirus” which projects a second wave beginning in August if the population becomes careless:


Caution vs. carelessness… which will win out?

If cautious people become the dominant factor as people wear masks and use sensible nutrition to boost immune function, we might never see a second wave of infections, hospitalizations and deaths. But if careless people rule public places, there’s no question at all that a second wave will emerge within 8-12 weeks, and it will put us right back into the same emergency we all witnessed in March, where an exponential explosion of infections was spiraling out of control.

At Natural News, we have been desperately trying to teach caution and preparedness, yet we are outnumbered by the careless and ignorant who dominate media today. We don’t reach the largest number of people among indy publishers, we just reach the most intelligent. But we can be easily outnumbered by ignorant masses who are being misinformed and taught by others to become complacent.

If that complacency dominates the landscape, we expect to see a resurgence of new infections ramping up in August, although this effect may be regional, depending on how each state decides to handle the reopening. On a positive note, with 50 states we will be watching 50 experiments, and we’ll have good data a few months later about which methods worked best to keep new infections low while allowing economic recovery to gain ground.

The stock market Trump trap

The real indicator in all this will be the stock market. After the roughly 30% correction we all experienced earlier this year, the Fed unleashed an unprecedented money pumping scheme to artificially prop up stock prices in order to create the illusion of economic prosperity. This is nothing but pure theater, and it contradicts the economic facts on the ground such as 33+ million Americans being unemployed and factories permanently closing all across the country.

Trump and the Fed are trying to bamboozle the American people with fake money printing until Election Day, hoping that the average voter is too stupid to realize they’re about to be looted by an inevitable stock market crash and likely global debt collapse.

When it comes to finances, most people really are simpletons, and they tell themselves that if the Dow is doing well, Trump must be good to keep in the White House. So if the market remains up, Trump likely wins.

But the far more likely scenario is that even the Fed’s endless money pumping can’t stave off the looming correction, and a second wave of lockdowns stemming from carelessness will lead to a panic selloff sometime around October. This selloff could be truly historic, plunging 50% or more from the highs of January. And if that scenario unfolds, the widespread sense of uncertainty and fear will very likely lead to Trump’s defeat in the elections.

How this leads to an armed uprising and civil war

To summarize, we see this series of path-dependent events unfolding:

COMPLACENCY among Trump supporters -> SECOND WAVE of infections and deaths -> SECOND WAVE of regional lockdowns -> STOCK MARKET collapse by October -> Trump defeat in November.

This, of course, will likely be followed by armed civil war as Trump supporters take to the streets and accuse Democrats of stealing the elections with fraud-by-mail schemes, which truly are a system of mass organized ballot theft.

It’s also not out of the question to see President Trump refusing to concede, citing fraud-by-mail election schemes. We could very easily find the nation in a real constitutional crisis, where the US Supreme Court is called in to rule on the outcome of the election.

While the court is hearing the arguments, it’s not difficult to imagine the more raucous indy media outlets whipping up calls for an armed revolution of sorts, warning that if this (fraudulent) election is not challenged, no conservative will ever win an election ever again (and America will descend into authoritarian tyranny).

Participants in the uprising will, of course, be labeled “domestic terrorists” by the media, which will also be quick to name Trump as a “terrorist leader” or “military dictator” who is trying to overthrow democracy and rule as a dictator. In truth, it’s vote fraud and illegal immigration that has overthrown democracy — as well as quite a lot of communist infiltration of Congress and the media — but that issue is too complex for this article.

The bottom line in all this is that we are all watching a series of events unfold which may very soon lead to the fracturing of America… and possibly even kinetic warfare within the USA. This leads to the obvious question: On whose side is the Pentagon? Because if this scenario unfolds, it’s the military that really determines the winner.

The best intelligence I’ve been able to gather from multiple sources tells me that Trump has made great strides in reversing Obama’s effort to eliminate all patriots from high-level command positions, and that most of the military stands with Trump. Notably, the US Marines are almost fully with Trump, and if the Marines are on your side, you’ve pretty much won the conflict.

But to ensure the Pentagon’s support, Trump may have to allow them to start a war with China or some other enemy (Iran?) that would produce another wave of cash for weapons contractors and military departments. The Pentagon is itching for a war, and to keep the Pentagon on his side, it’s quite possible Trump may give them exactly what they’re asking for. North Korea is also a wild card in this equation.

Two decisive things Trump can do to win the election in November

Finally — and I apologize for the length of this analysis — it seems there are two decisive things that Trump could invoke to win the election.

The first is to announce mass arrests of deep state traitors such as Comey, McCabe, Brennan and others. There is already evidence that Burham and Barr are working in this direction, but they probably aren’t moving fast enough to see anything substantial happen before the election.

The second is to pursue a war with Iran, Russia or China. I am not advocating for this madness, just pointing out the strategic advantage to Trump for pursuing such paths. China has already launched World War III by leading off with a bioweapons attack against the USA, and the USA has every right to respond to that attack with a variety of weapons, including economic, cyber or kinetic. With China pushing an aggressive expansion in the Pacific and now openly threatening Taiwan, a strong US ally, I would not be surprised to see an escalation of potential conflict with China, especially involving ships at sea.

Everybody in politics knows that the larger the war, the more popular the president. This is especially true if the enemy can be blamed for starting the war in the first place, which is why Pompeo is working hard to tie the coronavirus to the Wuhan lab that was funded by the NIH under Obama and Fauci.

Thus, the really big factors determining Trump’s chances in November are:

  • Whether or not the stock market craters (if it crashes 50% or more, Trump’s chances greatly diminish)
  • Whether deep state traitors are arrested in sufficient numbers (if they are, Trump’s chances greatly increase)
  • Whether a large-scale war gets under way with China or another strategic enemy (in time of war, the president enjoys widespread support)

The coronavirus infections have a lot to do with stock market performance, but very little to do with the arrest of deep state traitors. However, the origins of the coronavirus have everything to do with escalations of possible war with China.

We’ll all need to watch unfolding events very carefully, because everything is at stake right now: The future of America, the “United” in “United States,” the financial infrastructure of the Western world and so on.

Keep reading to stay informed, and I’ll keep bringing you independent analysis until the day comes that we’re all taken offline by the next wave of censorship and tyranny.

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