If you hope to survive the chaos that’s accelerating, you MUST be able to discern the difference between what’s REAL vs. FAKE … see this list

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Image: If you hope to survive the chaos that’s accelerating, you MUST be able to discern the difference between what’s REAL vs. FAKE … see this list

(Natural News) The fact that so many people are protesting in the streets without wearing masks reveals something to us that’s critical to understand: The people of America are having real trouble discerning the difference between what’s real vs. fake.

You can hardly blame them. The CIA-controlled mainstream media has been pounding their heads with so many lies and false narratives for so many years that unless a person spends hundreds of hours becoming an expert in spotting the signs of disinformation, it’s difficult for them to reliably know when they’re being lied to by today’s information gatekeepers. “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false,” former CIA director William Casey is reported to have said in a February, 1981 meeting with President Reagan.

And true to the task, the CIA has since taken over the mainstream media, Wikipedia, Hollywood, Netflix, pop culture and the tech giants, making sure that nearly everything the American people believe is indeed a lie in one form or another.

Here’s a shocker of a video that will rock your world and show you just how completely you’ve been lied to by the U.S. government:

If you can watch the video above and still think your government is telling you the truth about “reality,” get ready to have your psyche brutally smacked down.

The tech giants control information in order to allow the puppetmasters to control YOU

Extreme censorship has disconnected people from reality, causing them to believe insane, bizarre things (like the idea that housing prices will never fall) while dismissing very real, true things (like the fact that nutrition is the key to preventing most disease).

When people act out of alignment with reality, they tend to get very poor results. Things go awry very quickly, in other words, when your actions diverge from the construct of reality.

Given the extreme acceleration of chaos we’re all now experiencing — which will only get far worse in the months ahead — it has become rather obvious that any who seek to survive the chaos must become masters at telling the difference between “real” and “fake.”

Sadly, this is a difficult and rare skill, and people can argue endlessly about what’s real vs. fake. Even today, there is an exploding “Flat Earth” movement across independent media, where an alarmingly large number of people are becoming convinced that the Earth is a disc and that outer space isn’t real. They are not claiming this as a metaphor; they say the planet is literally a disc, and that we are all living in a grand “dome” habitat controlled by some nefarious deceivers who are observing us for their own amusement.

You’ve got to hand it to them on one thing, however: At least the Flat Earthers are willing to think big. Most human beings just surrender to the hum drum of ordinary, obedient existence, believing all the lies they sponge up from “authoritative” sources that Google allows them to see or share. These are people who believe the WHO is telling the truth about public health, or that the FDA is really only interested in protecting public health (rather than cornering more illicit drug profits for Big Pharma). The Flat Earthers may be wrong in their conclusions, but the dumbed-down masses of obedient conformists are just plain pathetic in their lack of curiosity about the universe they apparently inhabit.

Lack of curiosity is a greater sin than being wrong, in my view. And I condemn all those lazy brains who have decided it’s easier to do what they’re told than to ever be accused of exploring a “conspiracy theory” because they’ve noticed a glitch in the matrix that doesn’t add up.

Something is very, very wrong with our “reality.” Like a splinter in your mind, it’s screaming at you to locate the source and understand the causes of your experiences. To do that, though, you first have to navigate through the bulls##t and deception that’s being thrown at you from every imaginable angle — even subliminally — to try to bury your original thoughts in noise and confusion.

Clarity is rare, but clarity is exactly what will get you through this mess that I’m convinced will ultimately end billions of human lives on this planet. That’s why this article isn’t merely entertainment; it’s more of a survival skillset review.

Read and share. Most importantly, think about the following items:

Twelve things that are REAL

1. The Wuhan coronavirus is real. It was engineered by communist China to be deployed as a weapon against the United States.

2. The hundreds of thousands of deaths from coronavirus are real. In fact, a recent analysis from the Financial Times found a global explosion in excess mortality that shows the real numbers of dead are as much as 60% higher than “official” statistics.

3. Zinc, vitamin C and other forms of nutrition are real. Chemistry is real, and nutrition works on the laws of chemistry.

4. Gold and silver are real. When fiat currency systems collapse under debt and hyperinflation, gold and silver will be one of the few stores of value that can preserve wealth. (And the Fed can’t print gold, which is one reason why gold has value.)

5. The beneficial effects of wearing a mask in public are real. When infected people wear masks — and remember that we don’t know who’s infected due to asymptomatic spread — their ability to spread aerosolized virus particles is dramatically reduced.

6. Land is real. It doesn’t vanish in a market crash and it’s difficult for people to steal (although corrupt government can confiscate land when so inclined). Holding title to food-producing land is extremely valuable in an era where food scarcity is on the rise and currency is in the process of being hyperinflated.

7. Biology is real. This is why the virus is real, too. Those who claim the virus isn’t real sound a lot like progressives who claim a biological man can magically transform into a woman. That’s impossible for the simple reason that biology is real. It can’t be altered by wishing.

8. Bullets are real. Remember this when the shooting starts. A kinetic uprising now seems likely to occur in America’s near future. The coming civil war won’t be fought on Twitter; it will be fought with bullets.

9. The rapid rise in unemployment is real. Tens of millions of Americans really are out of work. Democrat governors, in particular, seem determined to make the economic devastation of the coronavirus lockdowns last as long as possible. This is being pursued in order to maximize economic pain in the months before the November elections.

10. The food shortages are real. Food scarcity is on the rise, and it’s difficult to see all the reports of food being destroyed and plowed under, all across America, without concluding that someone wanted the food supply to be destroyed across the entire country. Surely someone could have figured out a way to get farm produce to the tens of millions of people who are homeless or in need of basic food supplies, right? But no, not in America. The bankers received hundreds of billions in bailouts, but the hungry get nothing as fresh food is destroyed from coast to coast. Why does this seem deliberate?

11. The global debt bomb that’s about to explode is real. There really is a global debt Ponzi scheme that’s about to approach a tipping point of collapse. The “wealth” created from the debt is fake, of course, but the pain and suffering that comes from systemic collapse will be very, very real.

12. The threat of communism and China’s desire to destroy the United States are both very real. The USA is being targeted by both China and Russia in a deadly game of global domination that will likely involve currency wars, cyber war and eventually kinetic (or even nuclear) warfare. The greatest threat to human freedom is communism, and communists currently run the US intelligence community, the tech giants, Wikipedia, the “mainstream” media and much of Congress.

Twelve things that are FAKE

1. The stock market rally is fake, and that means most “wealth” is fake. The market is being artificially re-inflated by fiat currency bailout money, creating a ticking time bomb of wealth destruction and eventual collapse. Watch Egon von Greyerz (see video below) explain why America will end in a hyperinflationary collapse.

2. Fiat currency is fake. So are most bonds. Anyone left holding fiat currency (i.e. the dollar or other currencies) will lose almost everything when the global financial reset is ignited. At some point, the US dollar will go down in history with all the other failed fiat currencies that history has documented to be failures.

3. The “science” behind remdesivir is fake. The anti-viral drug was just approved by the FDA after the clinical trials were retroactively rigged to redefine “success” of the drug based on the data that had already been gathered. It’s outright science and medical fraud, and the drug actually prevents no deaths whatsoever. The whole thing was rigged by the FDA, which functions as the mob boss racket enforcers for the pharma drug cartels.

4. The media attack on hydroxychloroquine is fake. Hydroxychloroquine, when used with zinc, produces miraculous recoveries in coronavirus patients. That’s why it had to be attacked and discredited by the pharma-controlled media; to clear the way for high-profit prescription drugs (like remdesivir, above) and vaccines.

5. Social security IOUs are fake. If you think you’ll be collecting a social security check for the rest of your life — or a government-funded pension — you may want to have a backup plan in place. Social security IOUs are just as fake as the artificial stock market rally and the US dollar fiat currency. All of these will vanish, seemingly overnight.

6. The antibody test results currently used for coronavirus testing often produce false positives. This means many of the “positive” test results are fake. This is extremely dangerous because it confers a false sense of safety to individuals who think they’re already immune. In reality, they may have never even been exposed.

7. The “dollars” in your bank account are fake. You don’t even own them. Once you deposit money with a bank, the bank owns those dollars, and you simply become a creditor of the bank. The bank may or may not decide to allow you to redeem your deposits. If you think the money is “yours,” you don’t have a clue how banking really works (and your window of opportunity to learn the truth is rapidly collapsing). We strongly suggest you watch the “Hidden Secrets of Money” video series from Mike Maloney. See the first video here:

8. The popular narratives which are allowed to dominate YouTube, Twitter and Google are all fake. Nothing is allowed to gain popularity on the major social media channels unless it fulfills a globalist narrative of disinformation and control. All ideas that set humanity free are banned and silenced. All ideas that enslave the masses are artificially prioritized to maximize their publicity.

9. Climate change “science” is fake. It’s all predicated on the false, absurd idea that carbon dioxide is a dangerous pollutant. In reality, it’s the single most important molecule for life on Earth, and without it, there would be no forests, no food crops, no marine ecosystems, no animals and no human beings.

10. The “free market” is now faked. There are no longer any functioning free markets in America. Everything is rigged. The government picks the winners and losers. Fake money is created to bail out the corporations that government wants to protect (i.e. big business) while small businesses are allowed to fail and suffocate. Anyone investing in the stock market at this point is a fool just waiting to be fleeced.

11. The “authority” of the FDA, FTC and CDC are all fake. Each agency has created its own fiefdom of tyranny and power by asserting control without congressional approval or oversight. The FDA is an illegal, immoral and criminally-run enterprise to protect drug cartel monopolies that seek to extract the maximum financial gain from the US population by manipulating the definition of “medicine” and limiting consumer choice to on-patent, high-dollar prescription medications.

12. “Intrinsic value” of cryptocurrencies is fake. There is no intrinsic value, regardless of the amount of “proof of work” went into the blockchains. All cryptocurrencies cease to exist when the power grid goes down. No cryptos are real, they are virtual creations.

Watch Egon von Greyerz here, explaining the truth about the coming era of hyperinflation and collapse:

Ten action items you need to be pursuing NOW if you hope to survive what’s coming

Because our goal in offering this information is to spur people to action, the next story we’ll publish covers ten action items you need to be taking now that can protect you from all the items mentioned above.

Most people are not taking these actions. Most people will be financially wiped out in the coming global reset. They will lose everything that’s stored in “fake” wealth vehicles such as equities, banks and fiat currencies. All their savings, pensions, operating cash flow and much more will be completely wiped out. They will have nothing except the things that are real, which is why the list above is so important to embrace.

If you don’t do these ten things, you will starve, too, and you’ll end up as a penniless, homeless slave, perhaps living in a FEMA camp (or a ditch), begging for food and basic necessities.

That’s why these ten items are so crucial to understand and master. Watch for that article soon on NaturalNews.com. And check out my upcoming lecture on global depopulation, streaming May 15-16th via GenSix.com. Here’s the preview:


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