ANALYSIS: Trump’s re-election odds just plummeted to 1 in 8 due to his own supporters refusing to wear masks in public

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Image: ANALYSIS: Trump’s re-election odds just plummeted to 1 in 8 due to his own supporters refusing to wear masks in public

(Natural News) May 1st, 2020 analysis:

  • Before today, we had estimated Trump’s re-election odds at 1 in 5.
  • We now put his re-election odds at 1 in 8.
  • The change follows observations that as states engage in “reopening” activities, an alarming number of conservatives and Trump supporters are refusing to wear masks in public places, even when in indoor environments such as grocery stores and other retail outlets.
  • This behavior stems from the lies of the pro-Trump conservative media and independent media that has been deceiving the public for the last two months, falsely claiming the coronavirus isn’t real or poses no real danger to anyone. “It’s no worse than the flu” continues to be the mantra of the denialists, and they are leading their own readers and supporters to an overwhelming political defeat in November.
  • As a result of not wearing masks, the Wuhan coronavirus will now begin to spread from person to person across America, once again retracing its transmission track that was already observed in January and February.
  • This means “complacency” has already begun, a month early. Our original reporting about the 10 stages of coronavirus projected “peak complacency” in June and July. See the video and timeline images below:

Full video explanation of the 10 stages of coronavirus:

Here’s a graphic representation of the 10 stages, five at a time:

For the second half of 2020, and part of 2021:

It now looks like these projections may have been too conservative.

  • Given the fact that pro-Trump, conservative Americans are already abandoning basic precautions such as the wearing of masks, it is now obvious that a second wave of coronavirus infections has already begun to silently build momentum.
  • It now seems likely that alarming levels of new infections will be achieved by early August, followed by a new surge of hospitalizations in late August and another wave of deaths throughout September.
  • This will likely result in a second wave of lockdowns that will be both emotionally and economically devastating to America.
  • The stock market will crash again, this time plunging below 50% of its early 2020 highs. The likely timeline for this plunge is around September – October, but may emerge earlier.
  • Question: How many more trillions of dollars in bailout money will the Fed print to try to prop up a fraudulent stock market Ponzi scheme as America’s real economy plunges toward ruin? When the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet reaches $20 trillion, who will have any faith in the value of the dollar as a functional currency? (A global financial reset seems likely… more on that in future articles.)
  • The sheer misery of a second stock market crash, a second wave of lockdowns and a second surge of hospitalizations and deaths will almost certainly lead to Trump being defeated in the November elections. When hundreds of millions of Americans are suffering in misery, they will vote for any change, even voting for an Alzheimer’s patient named Joe Biden. This will, of course, be misplaced misery, as Trump did not start the pandemic. Rather, Obama did — along with Dr. Fauci — by funding the Wuhan virology lab that engineered the virus and unleashed it upon the world. In essence, the coronavirus was the last desperate campaign to unseat Trump, and it seems very likely to succeed. Sadly, Trump fell for the trap and still listens to Dr. Fauci, the very same person who helped set the trap in the first place.
  • The only sure way a devastating Trump defeat can be avoided is for the elections to be postponed. This can only be justified under something as grave as World War III. For this reason — and to appease the military contractors and Pentagon puppetmasters — we acknowledge a small but real chance that Trump and the Pentagon may take deliberate steps to start World War III before November, which would almost certainly involve multiple layers of conflict with China.
  • Under a new war with China, the elections would likely be postponed, and more aggressive forms of martial law would be implemented across the USA, prohibiting public protests while enforcing mandatory (gunpoint) vaccinations. The war would effectively turn America into a military-controlled, pharma-promoting police state under the executive control of President Trump, now operating under the influence of Big Pharma and the vaccine industry.
  • This is all being set into motion by Trump’s own supporters who think “freedom” means refusing to wear masks in public. In 3 months or less, they may begin to realize how they’ve destroyed the chances of their own candidate and put America on the path to civil war and economic ruin. Or, more likely, most of them will remain in a state of cult-like denialism until they suffer a devastating defeat in November, after which they will be found in the same state of shock and disbelief as Hillary Clinton supporters in 2016.
  • Whatever the outcome, the 2020 elections will be disputed by the losing party. This has a very real possibility of escalating to kinetic civil conflict, potentially leading to a fracturing of the United States of America. As we have projected earlier, whoever is President in January of 2021 will likely be the last president of the United States as we know it.


Much more analysis this weekend… stay informed and wear a mask in public. Encourage others to do the same. Take note of the individuals who refuse to wear masks, as these are the same idiots who will be banging on your door in the coming collapse, begging for food and medicine, as they have no foresight and no intelligence to prepare. Understand that they are a danger to your survival and will need to eventually be dealt with in a corresponding manner.

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