China is preparing to start a war with America

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Image: China is preparing to start a war with America

(Natural News) Sometime in June 2001, while browsing the Wall Street Journal, I stumbled upon an item on an inside page all the way at the bottom.  It was no more than 75 words in a box.  It covered a CIA security announcement concerning an increase in internet and cell phone traffic among suspected terrorists from suspect areas in the Arab world.  I canceled a Fourth of July trip downtown because of it.

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I assumed that if an attack was coming, it would be on America’s premium self-celebratory holiday, the Fourth of July.

When nothing happened, I took off my tinfoil hat, ascribing my worries to my suspicion of Islam — suspicions I had carefully curated from prior events such as the first World Trade Center attack, the Cole, the embassy bombings, and the killing of Americans soldiers in the 1983 bombing of the Marine barracks in Beirut.

It has become accepted knowledge that America’s intelligence agencies missed 9/11 warning signs — but that’s not entirely true.  Signs were seen, but they impelled no action.  We were so convinced that the fall of the Soviet Union as the end of history precluded any need for urgency.  Yet, even if there had been, no one, at that point, knew how to react.

I don’t think I need to remind everyone of what happened on 09/11/2001.

I share this vignette as a means of showing that there are always signs.  We, for whatever reason, miss them, or we ignore them for political purposes, or we refuse to believe them because they contradict the core tenets of our belief system.

I believe that China’s actions today may be telegraphing an intent we are choosing to ignore.  They show all the signs of a nation preparing to attack America.  China seeks a bespoke world run by China with “Chinese characteristics” — a dream that under Trump was drifting away.

China appears to be laying the groundwork for a “justified” attack on the United States, perhaps in the South China Sea or perhaps elsewhere.  It will be a military attack, not an act of terrorism, and the excuse will be America’s deliberate transmission of COVID-19 in Wuhan.

When the Chinese became accusatory, it’s telling that they didn’t blame the CIA, always the usual suspect.  No, they blamed it on American soldiers.

American military deliberately infecting China is an act of war worthy of a military response.

In October, the 2019 World Military Games were held in Wuhan.  Chinese media triumphantly trumpeted the Americans winning just eight medals, while China won 239.  It was then that we supposedly infected Wuhan citizens with the “American virus.”

China is now defenestrating foreign media, sending home reporters from the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Washington Post at just the opportune moment.  No nation wants journalists around when it is planning a sneak attack.

And with its economy ravaged by Trump’s trade war and the virus shutdown, and now back at full production, while America’s economy is in total shutdown and in the grip of an active pandemic, there will never be a better time to attack.

Here in America, the Democrats along with corporate media eagerly buy China’s lies surrounding the nascence of the worldwide pandemic, the propaganda blaming America, the stories of Chinese benevolence, and the efficiency of Chinese methods in getting control of the virus at home.  They are actively supporting China’s version of the truth.  China has every reason to believe they will continue to do so.

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