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Image: Top 10 all-time immune system CRUSHERS

(Natural News) Part of the master plan of billionaire globalists is to reduce the world’s population by a few billion people, starting with minorities, including people who live in Africa, India and the United States. Bill Gates comes right out and says it at those TED conferences, talking about using vaccines to reduce the population by billions. How does that work if they’re supposedly “safe and effective?”

You can call it conspiracy theory, but then again, 9/11, NSA’s Prism, Russia Collusion hoax, sham impeachment and this COVID pandemic all scream otherwise. There are plenty of us intelligent, street smart, book smart, common-sense-loving “folks” around who use our brains daily, eat organic food, supplement with natural medicine and keep our guns clean.

You see, you have to be “dumbed down” daily and kept there to believe all the lies, cover-ups, and MSMs (mainstream media) narrative. Your IQ must be lowered daily to make you forget what just happened a month or two ago. Last, but not least, your immune system must remain incapacitated, so that Big Food and Big Pharma can “take care of you.” That’s sick care, and you’re not supposed to ever heal, once you start with those immune-crashing prescription drugs, blood thinners and chemotherapy.

It’s been that way in the USA for a century, but it’s not in some history book or something you can “Google.” No, those “books” were “burned” years ago, and some are still kindling for the bonfire.

Corporations in America have enjoyed the ultimate revolving doors at the FDA (Fraudulent Drug Approval), CDC (Center for Disease Creation), and of course, the AMA (American Medieval Association). CEOs and VPs go hopping around from leadership positions at top US regulatory agencies to top board members and lobbyists for the legalized prescription drug cartel (Big Pharma and their Vaccine Industry).

Down the toilet goes your immune system daily, as cancer and coronavirus seek weak bodies

Everyone knows at least 5 people who live in a fog daily, and function like sheeple, who think all US government agencies have their best interests in mind. They just simply can’t imagine that the FDA and CDC are corrupt, and little do they know, it’s killing them.

They eat whatever they want, take all the vaccines and flu shots MSM “recommends,” and then hope some prescription medications will save them later (but they never do). Oh well, we all die some day, right? (That’s their best excuse.)

Do you still believe that all those years of paying into social security is some kind of savings account? Most Americans who live with compromised immune systems die before they ever collect a single dime of social security, and the government plans it that way. Sorry about your “luck.” Big Food and Big Pharma feed you toxins, making you highly susceptible to cancer, diabetes, heart disease, dementia and yes, coronavirus.

The most evil plan – poison you slowly with toxic food, then have MDs prescribe chemical medicines to quell the symptoms and further compromise your immune system

Most immune-system-crashing products are touted first as “good for you” in some way, shape or form. Even thousands of US medical doctors promoted cigarettes from 1935 to 1965, knowing good and well that they caused lung cancer. It’s always, only, ever about the money.

Canola oil was heavily advertised for decades as “heart healthy,” even though it coagulates in your blood, causing weight gain, memory loss, dementia, high blood pressure and cancer. Talk about lowered immunity.

Top 10 all-time immune system CRUSHERS that United States corporations besieged upon its own people over the last century (that most Americans still suffer from today)

#1. Cigarettes (contain pesticides, formaldehyde, bleach, fiberglass)

#2. Canola oil (causes massive weight gain)

#3. GMOs (pesticides decimate gut flora)

#4. Fluoridated water (drains nutrients from body)

#5. Vaccines and flu shots (lower immunity and spread disease through shedding)

#6. Anti-bacterial everything (wipe out good bacteria and literally spread superbugs)

#7. Antibiotics (build tolerance and enable viruses)

#8. Opioid prescription drugs (most painkillers, addictive)

#9. Sodium benzoate (cell-choking preservative that kills healthy cells)

#10. Bleach (found in most white food – causes bladder and pancreatic cancer)

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