While Natural News was sounding the alarm about the coronavirus, President Trump ignored data and raw intelligence, hoping it would go away

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Image: While Natural News was sounding the alarm about the coronavirus, President Trump ignored data and raw intelligence, hoping it would go away

(Natural News) There’s been a lot of sparring lately at the White House press conferences between members of the media and President Donald Trump, who insists that his response to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) has been tremendous and exceptional. But if this is true, then why did Trump repeatedly denounce the severity of the virus early on in the apparent hope that it would all just go away?

It was back in late January when Dr. Carter Mecher, a senior medical adviser at the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), wrote in an email to a group of public health experts that, “Any way you cut it, this is going to be bad,” referring to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19). But it was several weeks later before the president finally got on board with this, having previously likened the virus to a seasonal flu, perhaps because he was listening to Rush Limbaugh who repeatedly claimed the coronavirus was “no worse than the flu.”

Fast-forward to mid-April and there are now well over 600,000 cases of the Wuhan coronavirus, and more than 26,000 deaths, as most Americans live under lockdown inside their homes, many without gainful employment. How did we get here, and is there more that the Trump administration could have done to nip this thing in the bud early?

Natural News had long warned that this thing was likely to spiral out of control, resulting in the type of social upheaval that has now come to pass. But many were in denial about this up until the last minute, and are only now reluctantly admitting that we were right all along.

When should Trump have taken action?

Getting back to Mecher, he had tried to urge the upper ranks of the nation’s public health bureaucracy to do something about the virus about a week after the first case of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) was identified. But nobody listened, he says, and some even mocked him.

“You guys made fun of me screaming to close the schools,” he wrote to this group, which calls itself “Red Dawn,” this being an inside joke based on the 1984 movie about a team of Americans trying to save the country from collapse after a foreign invasion. “Now I’m screaming, close the colleges and universities.”

As you may recall, it took President Trump a full six weeks after the first known case of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) appeared in the U.S. to finally respond to the crisis, but it was already too late. Many tens of thousands of people are now infected, and tens of thousands have died.

To be fair, the mainstream media had also been downplaying the virus, even after the time when Trump finally agreed to take more aggressive action. And the media is still thwarting efforts to stop the virus by downplaying the potential benefits of hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malaria drug that’s showing lots of promise in the fight against the outbreak.

The president has been insistent that he did take early action, including by limiting travel from China as far back as late January. But many believe he should have done a lot more a lot sooner, and taken a more aggressive approach from the moment we saw things collapsing over there in Wuhan.

Trump’s administration, however, says that all of this criticism against the president is unfair, and that many lies were being spread by communist China during that time. Trump either wasn’t getting the right information, they claim, or the information he was getting ended up being discredited.

More of the latest news about the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is available at Pandemic.news.

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