GET READY: Ten new predictions covering what will happen in America over the next 12 weeks due to the coronavirus

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Image: GET READY: Ten new predictions covering what will happen in America over the next 12 weeks due to the coronavirus

(Natural News) Two days ago, Alex Jones called me, “The Oracle” on his show and the name sort of stuck. It turns out that when you run good mathematical projection models, you really can sort of “see the future” to the astonishment of many. In truth, I’m just running the numbers and reporting what the math tells me. There’s really no voodoo involved.

That math, by the way, leads me to some rather sobering predictions and warnings that I will share with you here. I probably should have shared these two weeks ago, but nobody would have believed me then.

I confess I’ve been holding back on reporting what I know will happen. We have a joke around here that I’ll share. We talk about the “Alex Jones model,” which is sort of the best case scenario as Alex is hoping this won’t be a disaster. Then there’s the “Mike Adams model” which is far more pessimistic, followed by the “Steve Quayle model” which is apocalyptic, and finally there’s the “Hal Turner” model which is basically the end of civilization. We call this the “spectrum of collapse,” and we always wonder where exactly we are on that spectrum.

In talking about that spectrum, we used to tell ourselves, “It’s never as bad as the Hal Turner model,” and we could feel confident knowing that Hal Turner consistently defined the outer boundary of bad possibilities. Yet in the last week, I’ve actually been caught saying, privately, “Hal Turner might be an optimist.” (I’m sure Hal will share a chuckle on that one…) In other words, things could get far worse than anything Hal has predicted.


Even more hilariously, all of us have been called “doomsday kooks” by the very same people who are now waiting in long lines among crazed mobs of (infected?) grocery shoppers at their local stores, wondering to themselves why they never thought to buy food or emergency supplies.

It’s funny how the whole industry of skeptics who mocked preppers are suddenly finding themselves empty-handed. In fact, I’ve just released a new mini-documentary video about this very point. It’s called, “For those who mocked preppers, your day of reckoning has arrived.”

It’s basically a worldwide “oh shit” moment for all the clueless, oblivious masses who watch the regular news and are therefore mostly brainwashed and uninformed (and thereby set up to die).

Now, on to the predictions, which recent history tells me are probably overly optimistic. So keep that in mind.

It’s also worth noting that the US was at least four weeks too late in blocking flights and embracing the reality of the pandemic. So, no matter what Trump does, America is already on track to plunge into an apocalypse-type scenario in certain regions such as NYC and Seattle. There’s no stopping it.

Ten predictions of things to come… plan accordingly

1. The hospitals in NYC will shortly be completely overrun. Mass death will follow. The entire city of New York is probably less than 30 days away from a cascading collapse of hospitals followed by widespread chaos and mass death. Not long after the NYC hospital system collapses, the Seattle system will also collapse, followed by San Francisco. The dead and dying will literally spill out onto the streets.

2. The intensity of the desperation among the unprepared masses will soon shift from the “scared” stage to the “violence” stage. The fist fights and stabbings we already see in the retail stores will soon escalate to shootings and then gang-style armed, organized looting much like an armed flash mob.

3. We will soon seen entire cities locked down in the USA, or possibly just all major roads nationwide. One way or another, tens of millions of Americans are about to be ordered to essentially “shelter in place.” This will result in lawless chaos in cities like Los Angeles, of course, and infected police will be sent home, resulting in horrifying law enforcement staffing shortages that will ultimately plunge some cities into the kind of chaos that can only be managed with National Guard troops and mandatory curfews.

4. Unless the roads are totally locked down, within 6-8 weeks, many people in the cities will begin to flee those cities and swarm the rural areas, desperately seeking food, water, medicine and shelter. This will be a human locust wave of unprepared Leftists who, just a month ago, were mocking rural preppers as rednecks and kooks. My advice? Guard your preps with your life because oblivious liberals aren’t coming to your community to act with anything resembling morals or ethics… they’re coming to loot, steal and pillage. Beware of the knock on the door with a small child in your doorway who’s crying and asking for help. The moment you open your door, there’s a gun in your face (or a round coming your way from 200 yards away, which is considered short range for any experienced shooter, by the way). It’s the oldest trick in the book.

5. The run on guns and ammo will expand into runs on communications radios, binoculars and other second-tier prepper items. Right now, most people are thinking “toilet paper” or “guns.” In another week, that thinking will expand into a far more diverse range of preparedness items, including “fishing poles” or “water filters.” By the way, did you ever get that night vision monocular you were looking at last year? It sure would be a good time to own some high-end night vision devices, eh?

6. There is a possibility that President Trump may use the nationwide lockdown situation that’s unfolding to dispatch the military police to arrest all the anti-America traitors with names like Comey, Brennan, McCabe, Obama and so on. It would be the ideal time to drain the swamp and lock up all the treasonous actors who are actually communist sympathizers trying to bring down America from within. (We say GO FOR IT, Trump.)

7. As I’ve predicted in an earlier story, some Amazon fulfillment warehouses will also go under lockdown in certain regions (namely Seattle, San Fran, NYC, Boston, Virginia, Denver, etc.). This means people who rely on Amazon deliveries will be out of luck unless Trump declares Amazon to be critical infrastructure for the nation. But if he does that, he should also declare Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to be “critical infrastructure” and order them all to stop banning the independent media voices that predicted all this in the first place. It might be a great time to arrest the criminal CEOs of the tech giants, seize their domain names and restore the First Amendment to America under the banner of “restoring the free flow of information” to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. It also wouldn’t hurt to throw Jack Dorsey behind bars and charge him with complicity in this biological weapons attack on America, since Twitter has banned myself, Zero Hedge and numerous other accounts who are trying to help STOP the spread of the virus.

8. It’s very likely that Trump will declare UPS, Fedex and the USPS to be critical infrastructure so that they keep rolling, although it’s not clear what exactly they will be shipping if warehouse and distribution hub workers can’t come to work and fill the trucks with anything. This relates to the Amazon fulfillment prediction, above. It also brings up the question of grocery stores: Who will work at the food distribution hubs that fill the delivery trucks that supply the grocery chains? Anchorage Daily News actually published a really good story on that exact topic. Here’s a taste of what it says:

The companies that feed America and provide basic staples are bracing for labor shortages as the coronavirus pandemic intensifies, which could leave them without enough workers to manufacture, deliver and unpack groceries in stores in the coming months. As the virus spreads, supermarkets and distribution facilities face a difficult choice: how to keep shelves stocked with essentials while keeping their workers safe.

8.5 A sort of related prediction to #8 above is that before long some truckers will refuse to drive into the high-infection zones, meaning deliveries of food, fuel, medicine and other supplies will cease.

9. People who are on prescription medications and who take flu shots will die in much larger numbers because medications strip your body of essential minerals (like zinc and magnesium) and nutrients (like antioxidants) that your body needs to fight the coronavirus. And flu shots weaken the immune system, making you more susceptible to respiratory invasions. Thus, we are about to witness a global moment of the mass culling of “pharma junkies” and “vaccine addicts.” Consider it a global IQ test, and if you take the flu shot every year, you’re too stupid to pass the test. (Trust me, that’s exactly how Bill Gates views the masses. This whole thing is an engineered event to rid the world of what globalists call “useless eaters,” which probably includes at least half of the people you know.)

10. The United States of America as we know it today will not survive the next two years. Something will change the landscape in a dramatic way, either a geopolitical breakup of the nation, the suspension of elections followed by civil war, a foreign invasion of the USA during our summer of chaos, or other similar events that will end the nation as we know it.

Already we must ask does the federal government have any capacity to get anything done at all? If the CDC can’t even make test kits available to test for disease — even with a $6.5 billion budget — we must all begin to ask whether we would be better off if the entire federal government just ceased to exist. It serves very little purpose other than to steal money from the taxpayers and lie to us about what it’s doing with that money.

Sure, we understand the importance of national defense when facing global enemies like China and Russia, but no informed person has any faith remaining in the CDC, the FDA or even the Trump administration’s handling of this exploding epidemic. Even now, Trump is saying that people who show no symptoms won’t be tested… huh? For the record, about 25% of all coronavirus infections come from people who show no symptoms. So if you don’t test those people, you might as well just condemn the whole damn country to get infected. That seems to be the federal government’s current strategy for a kind of national suicide.

The bottom line? Prepare to hunker down for an extended period of time. If you still live in a high-density city, prepare for the zombie apocalypse of turd-flinging homeless addicts who can no longer get their fix. Expect the pharmacies to be looted and gutted almost immediately (I should have made that prediction #11), and if you depend on any critical medications, it might be a good idea to try everything you can (that’s legal) to get an extra supply.

This sure is a bad time to be on prescription drugs, it turns out. Or to live in a city full of liberals who have near-zero preparedness skills.

Here’s my analysis of Trump’s emergency declaration order and why it won’t stop this pandemic:

If you want to live, read If you want to die, hang out in NYC for the next 2-3 weeks and see what happens…

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