Despite extreme, draconian quarantine measures, the coronavirus remains completely out of control in Wuhan, China

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Image: Despite extreme, draconian quarantine measures, the coronavirus remains completely out of control in Wuhan, China

(Natural News) Much of the focus surrounding the Wuhan coronavirus (CoVid-19) in recent days has been outside of China, including in the United States where the outbreak is starting to turn exponential. But back in Wuhan, China, where it originated, things are really no better than they were two months ago, as the communist country’s draconian lockdowns and other mitigatory measures are all reportedly failing.

Local officials in Wuhan say that the outbreak isn’t under control, despite shutdowns of transportation, education, and recreation. Nearly every effort to reign in the spread of this novel disease has thus far come up short, they say, which means the situation is likely to get much worse before it gets better.

At the current time, only one resident from every Wuhan household is being allowed to leave his or her dwelling place, and only once every three days specifically to buy groceries or other necessary supplies. And still this isn’t enough to stop the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus (CoVid-19), which is pushing authorities to implement even more serious measures.

“The control is even stricter than before,” a government official working in Jiujie, a sub-district located in the greater district of Xinzhou, reportedly told The Epoch Times during an undercover call. “It’s self-explanatory that the outbreak is not slowing down and not under control.”

About 47,000 people, or more than half of the confirmed cases in the entirety of China, have been recorded in Wuhan. And many experts believe that the true infection count is substantially higher even than this, making the situation even more ominous.

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Coronavirus situation in Xinzhou said to be “very serious”

Government officials in Xinzhou say that the outbreak of the Wuhan coronavirus (CoVid-19) in their area is “very serious,” despite reporting the lowest number of infectious among Wuhan’s 13 districts.

“The situation is so intense here that we have stopped working on everything else to concentrate on controlling the outbreak,” the anonymous official claims.

After mistakenly loosening its travel restrictions for a few days, Wuhan quickly reinstated them, explaining that the erroneous decision was made without proper clearance from higher-ups in the region.

“The rule of thumb that central authorities have given is: Wuhan and Hubei [the province housing Wuhan] need to have zero new cases for 14 days straight before we can loosen the rules,” an official told the media.

Because many area vegetable markets remain shuttered due to the crisis, Wuhan locals are having to eat dry, storable goods like ramen noodles just to survive. Many supermarkets have also closed due to virus fears, even as new cases of the Wuhan coronavirus (CoVid-19) continue to increase daily.

“You can’t walk casually on the road or you will get arrested and put in jail,” a local security guard who’s been living on a steady diet of ramen noodles told The Epoch Times. “There’s no relief from the outbreak.”

More than 32,000 health workers from around China have reportedly come to Wuhan to help assist overwhelmed local staff who are desperately trying to contain the outbreak any way they can. They say it hasn’t been easy, and restrictions are tight on what they’re allowed to do.

“The protective suits are airtight, and we’re sweating inside while wearing them,” one such health worker is quoted as saying. “Also, we can’t eat, drink, or go to the bathroom during our work shift.”

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