British health secretary issues shock warning that entire CITIES could be shut down over coronavirus if spread continues

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Image: British health secretary issues shock warning that entire CITIES could be shut down over coronavirus if spread continues

(Natural News) Just when you thought maybe the Wuhan coronavirus’ global spread may be petering out and that the world could take a step back from the pandemic abyss, another alarming report surfaces to make you think conditions are not improving at all.

We already know that the virus has spread well beyond the borders of China, where it originated. We know that the virus has spread to all of the continents, and that it has killed on most of them. But what we are learning everyday now is that while the virus’ spread may be slowing in China — may be, we’re not yet convinced that’s true — it is just now beginning to spread elsewhere. And the effects are alarming.

On Sunday, in fact, health officials in the United Kingdom actually made a shocking announcement: If the virus continues to spread around the country, the government could order entire cities to be shut down and everyone in them quarantined, just like the Communist government in China has done (and we’ve seen what that did to China’s economy and production).

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock, in an interview with the BBC, said he wasn’t prepared to take anything “off the table at this stage” after being asked whether Britain would consider a Wuhan City-style mass quarantine of entire towns.

“There’s clearly a huge economic and social downside to that but we don’t take anything off the table at this stage because you’ve got to make sure that you have all of the tools available if that is what’s necessary,” he said.

“I want to minimize the social and economic disruption, and at this stage we still have the hope – although the numbers elsewhere are rising fast – we still have the hope that we might be able to avoid this outcome,” he added. “Under the worst-case scenario we would have to take some quite significant actions that would have social and economic disruption.”

‘Every single person has a role to play’

Already London is considering some drastic measures such as banning all public gatherings and sporting events like soccer matches, closing schools, and telling people not to use public transportation if they can find other ways of getting around.

Thus far, according to The Epoch Times, there are 35 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK, according to Chief Medical Officer for England Chris Witty. That is about half of the amount of sick in the U.S. (71 as of Sunday, 44 of which were from the infected cruise ship in Japan).

“As of 9am this morning 12 further patients in England have tested positive for COVID-19. Three patients were close contacts of a known case, transmitted in the UK, identified as part of contact tracing,” he said in a statement. “One patient, resident in Essex, had no relevant travel and it is not yet clear whether they contracted it directly or indirectly from an individual who had recently returned from abroad; investigations are ongoing. Of the remaining eight cases, six had recently traveled from Italy and two from Iran.”

As for Hancock, he made similar statements as other health agencies around the world in noting that citizens can help prevent the spread of the infection if they just wash their hands more often.

“Every single person has a role to play in helping to manage the spread of the virus, whether that’s washing your hands more often, catching your sneezes, and following clinical advice,” he said.

There is also a developing fear of re-infection.

As Natural News reported, a percentage of coronavirus patients who have ‘recovered’ are testing positive for the illness a second time.

New reports suggest that at least 14 percent of former coronavirus patients who appear to have overcome the novel infection end up contracting it a second time after being released from medical care,” Ethan Huff wrote on Sunday.

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