Beijing issues WARTIME status order in response to novel coronavirus pandemic

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Image: Beijing issues WARTIME status order in response to novel coronavirus pandemic

(Natural News) The communist Chinese capital of Beijing has issued an official “Wartime Status Order” that unequivocally declares China to be in a “wartime state” due to the Wuhan coronavirus (CoVid-19).

An English translation of this Wartime Status Order, which was originally published by Yangtse in Chinese, calls on all members of the Party Committee of the Beijing Centers for Disease Control (BCDC), as well as BCDC employees, to fully recognize the “critical period” that China is in and remain “very conscious” about everything that’s transpiring.

Declaring that China is currently in a “state of war,” the directive goes on to explain that all elements of the BCDC need to take up their respective responsibilities and roles as outlined for implementation during a wartime state. It also calls on them to strengthen this implementation with “wartime standards,” which is defined as essentially doing everything that the group’s superiors say to do without question.

“All employees must unconditionally obey work scheduling and consciously obey management,” the directive reads, along with additional instructions about how to maintain an efficiently effective workflow at all times.

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All of Beijing’s Centers for Disease Control workers are now prohibited from leaving Beijing and can only drive to work and eat – no leisure!

The Wartime Status Order also stresses the importance of “wartime thinking,” which it describes as minimizing “cross-contact” – meaning all contact with others that doesn’t involve work or fulfill some other wartime utilitarian purpose.

“During the epidemic,” it says, “all staff members are strictly prohibited from leaving Beijing, strictly commuting to work, eating out, and consciously doing good health management after work.” In other words, no fun and no play, just work and following orders at all times.

“Non-work must not be connected to the department, try to use the phone or WeChat, SMS and other means of communications,” it further instructs. “Try to have as few meeting and short meetings as possible to control the number of participants.”

There’s also a heavy emphasis on “security” in the announcement, including in the areas of politics, ideologies, network information, confidential work, laboratory biologicals, and even food. Every area of life in China, it would seem, is now under lockdown, at least at the BCDC and in many sectors of the Chinese economy.

The final section of the announcement addresses a draconian concept known as “war discipline,” warning that “[t]he big battle is coming.”

“All party branches must mobilize their thoughts and gather the masses to give full play to the role of battle fortress,” it says, adding that “cadres at all levels must lead by example, dare to take the lead and give full play to the leading role.” It also emphasizes that “each party member must advance, take on the burden and give full play to the vanguard exemplary role.”

“All party branches, departments, and cadres at all levels must earnestly perform their main responsibilities, and disciplinary commissions must perform their supervisory responsibilities to ensure the smooth flow of government orders and prohibitions,” it further adds, also stating that those who violate any of these disciplinary requirements are causing significant “adverse effects” that carry “serious consequences” to the functionality of the BCDC.

A full English translation of the entire Wartime Status Order is available through Google Translate.

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