How many ‘super spreaders’ are on the loose with millions escaping Wuhan before the lockdown and experts now warning 60% of the global population might eventually be infected?

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Image: How many ‘super spreaders’ are on the loose with millions escaping Wuhan before the lockdown and experts now warning 60% of the global population might eventually be infected?

(Natural News) On Monday in this ANP story titled “Bioweapons Expert Warns ANP: The ‘Nazi Death Science Biological Warfare Work’ Going On In America MUST Be Stopped! This Is What YOU Can Do To Help Protect America – In A ‘Worst Case Scenario’, Coronavirus Could Collapse America’s Heathcare System” we reported that we’d be taking a look at some alternatives to some of the major medications that Americans use with coronavirus a threat to the world’s pharmaceutical supply chain and China supplying the majority of drugs in America so we’ll be doing that in this story as well as taking a look at some very concerning news out in the last few days.

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While the mainstream media and others have called this coronavirus possibly being a bioweapon a ‘conspiracy theory’, time will certainly tell. With a new warning from an expert that coronavirus could eventually infect 60% of the world’s population another sign of just how far this outbreak could spread, we get more proof from this story over at Focus Taiwan that we’re really only seeing the ‘tip of the iceberg’ in the number of coronavirus deaths and just how lethal this ‘virus’ really is from medical experts who’ve been studying the outbreak there.

And the following paragraphs from their story both confirm what we had reported in this January 30th ANP story titled “Weathering The Coming Storm: How To Overcome Our Own Bodies Immune System’s Attempts To Kill Us – Understanding The Deadly ‘Cytokine Storm” as well as add a chilling new dimension to reports of people with the disease being cured; it often comes back with a frightening vengeance! From Focus Taiwan.:


Experts have blamed a form of systemic inflammatory response syndrome called “cytokine storm” for killing some novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV)-infected patients who were not very sick in the early stage of infection but eventually died of multiple organ failure, according to Chinese media reports.

The epidemic, which started mid-December in Wuhan, in China’s Hubei Province, had claimed more than 800 lives in China as of Feb. 8, including Li Wenliang (???), a 34-year-old ophthalmologist at Wuhan Central Hospital who tried to issue the first warning about the deadly coronavirus outbreak late last year but was silenced by the Chinese authorities. Li was confirmed Feb. 1 to have been infected after treating a patient who later tested positive for coronavirus. He died on Friday.

While most victims have been middle-aged, elderly or suffering from chronic disease according to official Chinese data, Li’s death, as well as that of a 39-year-old man in Hong Kong, drew media attention as the epidemic has attacked more than 37,000 people in 28 countries around the world.

According to Chinese media reports, Zhong Ming (??), a physician at the department of critical care medicine of Zhongshan Hospital in Shanghai, warned that in some novel coronavirus cases, patients who developed only moderate symptoms at the onset of the disease later fell seriously ill and died of multiple organ failure. He termed the condition a “storm of inflammations”

And with this story over at the Guardian reporting that a ‘super spreader’ of the virus had unknowingly infected at least 11 others in 3 different countries, a perfect example of how quickly this disease can spread without people even knowing they had it, how many more such ‘super spreaders’ are now on the loose across the world with even the Associated Press reporting millions had escaped Wuhan before the quarantine was launched?

As mentioned previously above, this new story over at the Guardian is absolutely mind-blowing with a coronavirus expert warning that 60% of the world’s population could eventually be infected by the ‘virus’,  hinting at something not only straight out of our worst nightmares but helping us to understand why the US Department of Defense is now setting up mass quarantine camps across the US as Mac Slavo reports in this new story over at SHTFPlan. It appears that things are about to ‘get real’.


Once again reminding us of the movie “12 Monkeys” where one person intentionally flew with a killer virus to numerous cities to infect and eventually kill off most of the world’s population with a ‘novel virus’, just imagine how much damage might be caused all across the planet with over a million people from Wuhan ‘on the loose’, with authorities having no idea where they have gone!

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