Why do globalist governments deliberately RELEASE terrorists who pledge to kill people, believing they are “reformed”?

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Image: Why do globalist governments deliberately RELEASE terrorists who pledge to kill people, believing they are “reformed”?

(Natural News) Liberalism has permeated the West since World War II like a disease permeates a healthy cell, and it has just as deleterious of an effect on societies.

But rather than learn the dangerous lessons wrought by Left-wing political ideology that we can all see with our own eyes, Americans and Europeans continue to be seduced by the deceitful promises of utopianism offered by ‘democrats’ who have but one objective: To keep and hold power.

As reported by Paul Joseph Watson at Summit News, Londoners have suffered yet another terrorist attack by a young, radicalized student of Islam who, frankly, should not have been roaming around in public anyway and would not have been were it not for the abject lunacy of Left-wing politics.

Watson wrote Feb. 3: 

20-year-old Islamic terrorist Sudesh Amman, who was shot dead after trying to stab people in Streatham, south London yesterday, was released halfway through his prison sentence despite pledging allegiance to ISIS, encouraging his girlfriend to behead her parents and sharing a tutorial on homemade bombs.

According to Watson, Amman managed to stab two people during a broad daylight attack on a Sunday afternoon before he was quickly taken out of action by plainclothes anti-terror police who’d been following him. 

In November 2018, according to reports, Amman was sentenced to three years and four months in prison for several offenses that included: 

— Pledging allegiance to the Islamic State terrorist caliphate that, at the time, was still in control of sizable land assets in Syria;


— Plotting to carry out knife attacks against British civilians;

— Sharing terrorist manuals that included a bomb making tutorial;

— Encouraging an “attack” against a speaker in Hyde Park who was stumping on behalf of gay rights;

— Stockpiling arms;

— Encouraging his girlfriend to behead her “kuffar” (non-believer) parents.

And yet, despite this string of offenses, the liberal justice system in Britain allowed for Amman to be released early — as in, before half his sentence was completed. 

Turning a blind eye is not ‘justice’ — it’s stupidity

After having been out only a few days, Amman proceeded to carry out a terrorist attack.

Sure, he was being monitored by British anti-terror police, but despite the fact that they took him down quickly, they could not stop him from harming other citizens first.

Watson noted that Amman’s case was shockingly similar to another involving Unman Khan, the perpetrator of the November 2019 stabbings on London Bridge.

As Amman had been, Khan, too, was released from his prison sentence early, though he had also been jailed on charges related to terrorism. He had even plotted to kill now-British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as well as bomb the London Stock Exchange.

Even after being banned from London, Khan was nevertheless given a day release from prison in order to attend a course allegedly designed to “help offenders reintegrate into society.”

A Khan victim, Jack Merritt was one of the coordinators for the course, called “Learning Together.” His father reacted to Jack’s murder by noting that his son “would not wish his death to be used as the pretext for more draconian sentences or for detaining people unnecessarily.”

Which, unfortunately, is precisely the problem: The attitude of the liberal Westerner. 

This ‘forgive and forget’ mentality is not shared by those who mean us harm. Think about it; if someone is willing to take your life simply because you don’t believe in the same god they do, how else can you deal with that threat other than by elimination?

And elimination doesn’t have to be by war; societies can eliminate threats by keeping dangerous people who have committed crimes off their streets. They can deport people who refuse to integrate and abide by a society’s rules.

There are options, but turning a blind eye in the name of ‘justice’ and ‘love’ isn’t one of them. When will Western society figure that out again? Because it used to be something we knew instinctively.

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