RIGGED: China changes the definition of “infected” to ignore coronavirus patients who test positive but show no symptoms

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Image: RIGGED: China changes the definition of “infected” to ignore coronavirus patients who test positive but show no symptoms

(Natural News) We’ve all known from day one that China’s “official” numbers are a total joke. The numbers have been carefully crafted with mathematical precision to produce a 2.1% death rate, day after day, in complete contradiction to reality. Similarly, “infection” numbers seem to be more a product of the limited bandwidth of testing kits than anything representing reality.

And now, we learn that China has changed the very definition of “infected” to eliminate people who test positive but who show no symptoms. These are so-called “symptomless carriers,” and according to China, they no longer count as “infected,” even though they are well known to be able to spread the virus by infecting other people.

As Charles Hugh Smith correctly points out in a brilliant article, “controlling the narrative is not the same as controlling the virus.” Yes, you can pretend that infected people are not infected, but that doesn’t cure the infection. He writes:

It’s clear that the narrative about the coronavirus is being carefully managed globally to minimize the impact on global sentiment and markets. Authorities are well aware of the global economy’s extreme fragility, and so Job One for authorities everywhere is to scrub the news flow of anything that doesn’t support the implicit official narrative.

But controlling the narrative is not the same as controlling the virus. The narrative is intangible but the virus is real-world. Authorities are betting that controlling the narrative about the virus is equivalent to controlling the actual virus. If everyone believes only 800 people have died and the number of infected people is plummeting, they will obediently keep borrowing and buying and authorities will retain their legitimacy, power and wealth.

We realize this point seems rather obvious, but recognize that we now live in a world where the entire scientific community and media complex now pretends that men can get pregnant and women can be sperm donors. The rise of “transgenderism” is a dangerous bit of shared delusion that pretends biological reality doesn’t exist. And if people can “wish” they are a different gender, then why can’t China just wish away the coronavirus?

Those who test positive but show no symptoms are now removed from “infected” counts

As Zero Hedge reported earlier today, “the Chinese National Health Commission quietly changed its definition of Coronavirus “confirmed case” in the latest guideline dated 7/2. As a result, going forward patients who tested positive for the virus but have no symptoms will no longer be regarded as confirmed.”

ZH continues:

As Apple Daily reports, in the latest, fourth edition of the NHC protocol, “mild” is classified as “confirmed cases” but “asymptomatic infected persons” is defined as “persons with no clinical symptoms, respiratory tract specimens, etc. who are positive for new coronavirus pathogenic tests.” As a result, “asymptomatic infection” no longer counts as confirmed cases.

Conveniently, the new rule has triggered provinces “to find cases that can be deducted from the total number of confirmed cases.” For example, Heilongjiang has axed 13 cases from their tally stating the new definition. Hubei has deducted 87 cases today, but authorities did not explain why.”

It reminds us of the day China accidentally leaked the real numbers of the coronavirus pandemic, showing 154,023 infections and 24,589 deaths, which computes to roughly a 16% fatality rate. Remember that?

By all credible accounts, China is taking the real numbers and dividing by ten, then fudging a bit more to work out exactly a 2.1% fatality rate. It’s all absurd, and anyone who believes those numbers is a fool.

Similarly, never forget that the very same media outlets now claiming the coronavirus is no big deal once went berserk with hype over the Disneyland measles scare which killed exactly zero children:

Are we really living in a world that now PRETENDS infected people aren’t infected?

The horrifying upshot of this revelation is that, yes, we are now living in a world where entire governments pretend that infected people aren’t infected. Thus, conquering the pandemic requires nothing more than fudging the numbers and announcing victory… at least, until the piled up bodies become too numerous to ignore. But since both China and the U.S. tech giants have near-total control over all speech, the cover-up can succeed for an extended period of time. (Hence the whole point of censorship.)

After all, this is the way the Democrats just ran the Iowa caucuses, and it’s the way the media rigs political polls to try to shape reality rather than observe it. Hollywood Leftists similarly make every effort to rewrite history with fictionalized accounts of people they hate (such as Trump), almost as if reshaping history somehow alters the reality of the present.

Across the board, modern human society is now a collection of delusional fantasies, and those fantasies are beginning to collapse in the face of reality.

A virus is reality. Mark Zuckerberg’s belief that Facebook users have 79 different genders is pure delusion.

The stock market bubble is a delusional fantasy, too, just like belief in the dollar (or any fiat currency). Irrational belief in vaccines is a science fantasy, given that most vaccines don’t work, and they’re largely based on manipulated, fraudulent studies which are self-reported by the vaccine manufacturers. (The FDA conducts exactly zero testing on vaccines or pharmaceuticals, for the record.)

Belief in Big Pharma medications is also a fantasy, especially the insane belief that statin drugs save lives or that chemotherapy cures cancer. Similarly, any fool who believes the WTC 7 building collapsed in a perfectly organized fashion solely due to one small office fire is also delusional. The building was, of course, brought down by carefully placed demolition charges that caused the near-simultaneous structural failure of every support column in the building. This can only be achieved with explosives, as any architect, engineer or science-minded person will inevitably conclude.

Our entire society is infected with mass delusion at every level, from the pure fiction that MSNBC is spouting as “news” to the bizarre belief that humans can continue to pollute the entire planet with plastics, pharmaceuticals, heavy metals and pesticides, all with no long-term repercussions (somehow). It’s insane. Humanity is insane. And now the most populous nation in the world has decided that conquering a weaponized viral pandemic can be achieved by simply redefining the meaning of the term “infected.”

They aren’t really dead if the government says they’re still alive

So why not redefine the word “death” and simply pretend that a hundred thousand dead Chinese aren’t dead at all? There are no mass graves, no crematoriums running 24/7, no dead bodies littering the streets… no one is dead if they simply define dead people to still be “alive but inactive” or something similar. After all, this is how Democrats win elections, by counting dead people as voters. So why can’t China can’t dead people as active citizens?

Soon, China will tell us that they have the virus completely under control, and they will declare victory even as millions of their own people are infected and dying. This will be the ultimate expression of communism, of course: Total delusion and denial of reality while millions die.

But even in the United States, we will probably get no more truth out of the CDC, which I’m convinced is already covering up the true extent of the outbreak in the USA. The CDC is literally flying hundreds of potentially infected Americans out of Wuhan and depositing them in Omaha, San Antonio and various cities in California, holding them for only 14 days even though we already know the virus can incubate for 17 days before showing full blown symptoms.

Thus, the CDC is almost deliberately working on spreading the infections across America, for some reason. It’s probably because they have a vaccine nearly ready, and they need a nationwide outbreak to invoke the medical police state they’ve always dreamed of, where you’re carted off to a CDC gulag death camp if you refuse the (experimental) vaccine shot. And — oops! — a few months later we’ll find out they accidentally shipped some production lots of the vaccine with live coronavirus strains. Good thing the vaccine industry has total legal immunity, right?

This whole thing is being engineered at the highest levels as a way to roll out total government control over the citizens under the guise of a “medical emergency.” They’re making it worse on purpose because they want the crisis so they can invoke their powers to “solve” it.

The day a coronavirus vaccine is available, the U.S. media will start exploding with pandemic fear stories

Once you realize this, you also realize it’s coming to America. They’re trying to hold it off as long as possible until the vaccine is commercially ready, but once the vaccine is done, the media will start hyping the pandemic with total doom and gloom, claiming the vaccine industry will be the savior of mankind and blaming any new infections on “anti-vaxxers.”

Trust me, that day is coming. The narrative is already scripted. They already tested it with the Zika virus, remember? All the media scare stories about children being born with shrunken heads across America turned out to be complete fiction. They made it all up. Total fiction.

But when it comes to a real pandemic, until the vaccine is ready we will all be told there’s nothing to worry about. China has it all under control, we’ll be told, and communists are very trustworthy and honest, according to the totally discredited WHO.

Sooner or later, though, reality overcomes delusion. When that day arrives, it will set off a global debt collapse, stock market collapse, national revolutions, geopolitical chaos, a collapse of the food supply and more. That day is coming for humanity, because you can only live in the world of delusion for a limited amount of time before reality smacks you down.

Don’t get caught in any major city when that day arrives, or you will likely end up dead. Then again, if you’re in China when that happens, don’t fret: The government may still consider you to be “living” for the purposes of reporting official numbers to the world.

Stay informed and you just might manage to stay alive through all this. Read NaturalNews.com and watch new videos at Brighteon.com (or join there and post your own).

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