San Fran boss of “poop patrol” busted by FBI on felony fraud charges involving “multiple schemes”

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Image: San Fran boss of “poop patrol” busted by FBI on felony fraud charges involving “multiple schemes”

(Natural News) When you’ve got a crap job — literally — sometimes you may have to color outside of the lines, so to speak, in order to get ahead.

At least, that seems to be what happened with Mohammed Nuru.

As reported by the San Francisco Examiner, Nuru, 57, has been charged by the FBI along with San Fran businessman Nick Bovis for allegedly engaging in “corruption, bribery, and side deals by one of” the city’s “highest-ranking public employees,” says the 75-page complaint, unveiled earlier this week.

As such, the city “has been betrayed” the complaint alleges.

“The complaint alleges corruption pouring into San Francisco from around the world,” said U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of California, David Anderson.

Now for the kicker, and about that ‘crap’ job: The San Fran Department of Public Works that Nuru headed is responsible for cleaning up human feces left all over the city by the rising number of homeless people, who Democrats that run the city have allowed to camp anywhere and everywhere.

The infamous “poop patrols,” in other words.

That said, it’s not as though picking up crap day in and day out as your job doesn’t pay: The city hands out six figures in salary and benefits for poop patrollers.

If convicted of all counts, Nuro faces a lot of time behind bars — 20 years, according to Zero Hedge. That would include another five years because he lied to FBI agents about not remaining silent regarding the ongoing investigation as he originally agreed to do when he was arrested earlier this month.

San Fran officials can’t seem to get their hands on enough money

Maybe Nuru thought that since former FBI Director James Comey wasn’t arrested for leaking and mishandling classified information — like Hillary Clinton — or lying to federal investigators like former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, he could get away with lying to agents too.

Guess not. Little did the chief of the San Fran poop patrol realize that he may be a big fish in the city by the bay, but he’s not a Washington, D.C. insider or member of the deep state. So he is subject to that other system of law — the one that holds people accountable for their actions, not the one used in the nation’s capital to let people who commit the same or worse infractions get off scot free.

As further noted by Mission Local:

The alleged actions took place in 2018 and 2019 and were documented during a long-running and broad investigation involving undercover agents, informants, and extensive wire-taps. Other figures Bovis or Nuru interacted with are described obliquely in the complaint. Anderson said he’s certain individuals will recognize themselves and encouraged them to come forward.

“They have an opportunity to do the right thing — for San Francisco and all of us,” he said. “If they are inclined to do the right thing, they should … run to the FBI offices and disclose what they know. Or we’ll do it the other way.”

In all, FBI agents outlined “five schemes” involving Nuru, Bovis, and others, allegedly.

Mission Local reported, “They are: 1. The Airport Scheme; 2. The Multimillion-Dollar Mixed-Use Development Scheme; 3. The Transbay Transit Center Scheme; 4. The Bathroom Trailer and Homeless Shelter Scheme; 5. The Vacation Home Scheme.”

It’s not clear yet how these charges are going to affect the poop patrols, if at all. But sufficed say, those will still be crap jobs.

Meantime, as San Fran’s socialist Democrats continue to find new and inventive ways to spend the people’s tax dollars, San Fran city officials apparently are looking for new and inventive ways to get their hands on more money, too.

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