Big Pharma giants meet in San Francisco and are stunned at the total collapse of society they’ve helped create

Image: Big Pharma giants meet in San Francisco and are stunned at the total collapse of society they’ve helped create

(Natural News) There comes a point when greedily amassing all the monetary wealth you possibly can through any means possible leaves you with nothing in the end because you destroyed everything of value that was actually worth buying. This is what the pharmaceutical kingpins are discovering on the streets of San Francisco, one of America’s most iconic cities, which has become a vanquished wasteland of addiction, homelessness and filth.

During the recent JP Morgan Health Care Conference that took place there, pharmaceutical drug lords and banking moguls alike were reportedly shocked at how this once gorgeous enclave has descended into third-world “slum” status, on par with a place like Mumbai, India, or Manila, Philippines.

According to Steve Ubl, the head of an association that represents the pharmaceutical cartels, visitors to this annual conference are increasingly disgusted by what they witness in San Francisco with each passing year, as the city descends further and further into a hellish abyss.

“It comes up with our members every year,” Ubl is quoted as saying. “It gets worse and worse in terms of concentration and cost. It’s outrageous.”

Part of the problem is that pharmaceutical fat cats have made themselves obscenely wealthy by peddling synthetic poisons as “medicine.” And while they’re in San Francisco hobnobbing with other gaudy greed-bags, they have to walk around junkies giving themselves injections on the streets, or pooping on the sidewalk.

Big Pharma, as our readers well know, is the epitome of everything that’s wrong in this country, including the growing wealth disparity between the haves and the have-nots. And this chasm is amplified in a place like San Francisco, which is why some companies such as Oracle are considering holding their conferences elsewhere.

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“The health-care industry’s premier event, a celebration of innovation and money to be made, also highlights San Francisco’s vast wealth disparities as well-to-do attendees hobnob at parties while stepping around people living in cardboard boxes,” reports Bloomberg.

“This year’s confab comes as the city is grappling with heightened attention on its troubles, with its homeless crisis worsening, tech companies facing backlash and President Donald Trump lashing out at California’s policies.”

The lives destroyed by Big Pharma are part of the reason why San Francisco is the way it is

While there are many reasons why America is becoming a third-world s***hole, one that often goes unnoticed is the utter destruction caused by Big Pharma. Not only are Americans being financially raped by this corrupt industry, but the addiction its “medicines” cause is a big reason why many people go out of their minds and end up living on the streets.

Couple that with unlimited third-world “immigration” in “sanctuary” areas like San Francisco and you have a recipe for total societal collapse, which is exactly what’s happening there and elsewhere – in “red” and “blue” states alike, it’s important to note.

It’s easy for so-called “conservatives” to bash places like California for their grotesque policies that disenfranchise the middle class while catering to illegal aliens. But what’s not so easy is acknowledging the fact that Republicans are the ones who’ve largely been pandering to Big Pharma, which is destroying lives with toxic pills, chemical-laden vaccines, and revolving-door politics that restrict Americans from accessing natural things that would actually help them such as raw milk, cannabis (marijuana), kratom (mitragyna speciosa), to name some of the biggest targets.

How does this all relate to what’s going on in San Francisco, you might be asking yourself? Consider the fact that down-and-out people from other areas of the country, which are often “red” states, have been flocking to places like California for decades due to nice weather and loose restrictions on homelessness, not to mention the fact that California doesn’t restrict the use of herbs and plants that remain “illegal” where these people came from.

All that to say, Big Pharma is a powerful lobbying entity that keeps natural remedies “illegal” while pushing its own deadly and addictive substances as the only option. Consequently, the pharmaceutical kingpins get richer, while ordinary Americans get poorer, sicker and more burdensome on society, including when their cardboard boxes get in the way of a pharma CEO on his way to the fancy steakhouse.

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