WikiHow says “anti-vaxxer” parents are violent child abusers, urges children to recruit doctors to overrule parental consent as part of Big Tech’s war on health freedom and vaccine truth

Image: WikiHow says “anti-vaxxer” parents are violent child abusers, urges children to recruit doctors to overrule parental consent as part of Big Tech’s war on health freedom and vaccine truth

(Natural News) Children who browse the web without supervision and stumble upon the popular “learn how to do anything” WikiHow website may encounter a new “Get Vaccinated Without Parental Consent” entry that contains specific instructions about how to get vaccinated in secret as a child without your parents knowing about it.

The entry clearly aims to plant in children’s minds the idea that all parental opposition to vaccination, no matter the reason, represents a type of child abuse that children can effectively overcome by sidestepping their authority and getting jabbed without their knowledge or consent.

As part of the “Making Plans” portion of the entry, children are instructed to first ask their parents if they can get vaccinated – the implication being that chemical needles are just too much fun to not get. If that doesn’t work, the next step is to ask a doctor, school nurse, or “another responsible adult to help you convince your family.”

Here we see that WikiHow wants children to believe that only irresponsible adults oppose vaccination, and that they should instead seek out the more responsible ones instead who will gladly let them get vaccinated.

If all of this still doesn’t work, the entry encourages children to actually petition a court for emancipation “if your parents are really bad” – in other words, divorce your own parents if they refuse to let you get your shots.

“Wait until you’re 18 if you think that your parents would severely punish or abuse you if they learned that you disobeyed them,” the entry goes on to state, attempting to further brainwash malleable minds into thinking that all opposition to vaccination automatically equals physical abuse.

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WikiHow is usurping parental authority while creating a widespread public health hazard

Published to WikiHow on January 9, 2020, this entry categorically labels all forms of skepticism about vaccine safety and effectiveness as “conspiracy theories and made-up ‘facts.'” And the unfortunate reality is that children, who innocently tend to believe what they’re told, will probably accept this propaganda as gospel truth.

“While they often intend to protect their children, not vaccinating has the opposite effect, and leaves kids more vulnerable to dangerous and even deadly diseases,” the entry explains.

There are even talking points listed that children can use to try to convince their parents that vaccination is good, including pseudoscience about an alleged risk of contracting shingles, or adult chickenpox, if they don’t get vaccinated.

“What could I do to show you how much this means to me?” is another suggested talking point that children can use to guilt their parents into letting them get vaccinated.

Missing from this WikiHow entry is any mention whatsoever about the risks involved with getting vaccinated, including the very real possibility that viral shedding might occur post-vaccination.

If a child follows the advice of this WikiHow entry and gets vaccinated in secret, he or she could end up exposing a vulnerable family member like an elderly grandmother to live viruses that could kill them.

WikiHow’s sinister advice to children, in other words, represents a very real public health risk, and it’s mind-boggling that this latest indoctrination tactic of pro-vax lunatics is being allowed, even as independent media outlets are being silenced from all of the major tech platforms for questioning vaccines.

“This article is so dangerous to public health that WikiHow deserves to be sued by parents and criminally investigated for publishing it,” writes Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

“Many vaccines – including vaccines that contain mercury – are never tested for safety in pediatric patients (children and teens), yet it is exactly those children who are being targeted by WikiHow in one of the most dangerous and brazen assaults on parental rights and child safety that has ever been hosted by any tech platform,” he adds.

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