Mystery drone sightings in Colorado, Nebraska have many experts baffled

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Image: Mystery drone sightings in Colorado, Nebraska have many experts baffled

(Natural News) Local residents in northeast Colorado and southwest Nebraska are scratching their heads in confusion about a series of ongoing mystery drone sightings that nobody seems able to explain.

Multiple counties in that particular corner of Colorado, as well as at least one abutting county in Nebraska, continue to receive calls from folks concerned about these giant flying objects, which are said to have wingspans measuring about six feet.

They always fly at night, reports indicate, and they tend to weave back and forth in grid-like patterns for hours at a time. Since everyday consumer drones are typically much smaller in size and have significantly shorter flight durations before their batteries die, these larger drones are atypical, to say the least.

While conspiracy theories abound as to the origin of these unidentified flying objects (UFOs), local officials and the federal agencies they’ve contacted are all claiming ignorance as to where these drones are coming from and who owns them.

“Oh, yeah, there’s a lot of conspiracy theories floating in Sedgwick County right now,” stated Sheriff Carlton Britton, whose office has been inundated with calls from local residents who claim to have seen anywhere from six to 10 drones flying at a time.

Nearby Lincoln and Washington counties are receiving similar reports, as are Phillips and Yuma counties, which were the first Colorado counties where residents claim to have seen these UFOs earlier in December.

Britton says that he’s been in talks with Phillips County Sheriff Thomas Elliott about what these drones are all about, and more importantly if any laws are being broken by their constant deployment. Thus far, he says that everything is legal as far as he can tell, though neither of these law enforcement officials can, or is willing, to explain this strange phenomenon.

“We have no idea at this point,” Britton is quoted as saying to The Denver Post. “No leads and no thoughts. It’s just an odd phenomenon.”

“It’s both weird and concerning,” added Washington County Sheriff Jon Stivers, who says that constituents in his jurisdiction are claiming to have seen as many as 30 of these drones at one time. “It would be kind of nice to know what they’re doing.”

Is DHS looking for firearms in preparation for the relocation of our nation’s capital to Denver?

Oddly enough, there don’t appear to be any actual photos of these drones circulating in any of the media reports about this bizarre situation – which could be due to the fact that they always fly at night, and are thus difficult to capture with the average smartphone camera.

At the same time, someone out there should have a powerful enough camera to take pictures in low-light conditions, wouldn’t you say?

Meanwhile, a letter published at that claims to be written by a farmer in Yuma County, Colorado, claims that a retired federal law enforcement officer (LEO) told his son that these drones are being deployed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as part of a gun-grab sweep throughout the region.

“The drones are DHS and yes they are looking for guns but more specifically large caches of weapons that may even be stored underground,” the letter’s author, who identifies himself only as “B,” claims.

“The drones have the technology to detect metal piping as well as hollow spaces underground such as cellars, bunkers, etc. Interesting because a gun is basically a metal pipe. So as I understand they are looking for cellars and bunkers with large caches of weaponry.”

The letter goes on to contend that this is all being done “in preparation for an event or events that would cause the capitol (sic) to be moved from Washington D.C. to Denver,” though this is all admittedly uncorroborated information that we’re merely presenting as it was posted, not necessarily endorsing as credible.

You can read the letter in its entirety at this link.

You can also keep up with the latest UFO news at

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