The planned sterilizations of black people is sanctioned by “humanitarian” organizations

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Image: The planned sterilizations of black people is sanctioned by “humanitarian” organizations

(Natural News) Most Natural News readers are probably already aware of the fact that not everything is as it seems when it comes to government “health” programs that claim to help the population achieve greater longevity through vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and other chemical poisons. But it may come as a surprise to some that deep state assets often target minority groups more aggressively than others with their depopulation goals, even using so-called “humanitarian” organizations as cover for their evil deeds.

One of the things that our own Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, is trying to do right now is raise awareness about this nefarious, anti-minority agenda, which has actually been around for quite some time. Government agencies have on many occasions targeted those of African descent, for instance, with medical experimentation programs that have left many of them sick, sterile, or even dead. And one area of this multifaceted agenda that many people overlook involves groups that supposedly work on behalf of the poor in other countries to increase life expectancy and health outcomes.

Perhaps the most well-known of these groups is UNICEF, a program of the United Nations that claims to work in 190 countries and territories around the world “to protect the rights of every child.” UNICEF is a well-respected organization that many people have been led to believe is fighting for children’s rights on every front, whether it involves providing them with medicines or food, or offering orphans a chance at having a family through foster programs. UNICEF’s motto states:


“All children have a right to survive, thrive and fulfill their potential – to the benefit of a better world.”

It sounds so nice, doesn’t it? Except for the fact that UNICEF has been caught using its “humanitarian” label as cover for forcing polio and measles vaccines on innocent Somalian children who were driven out of their country into Kenya. UNICEF reportedly made it a priority to jab as many children as possible with these vaccines, even though what they were in far greater need of was clean food, pure water, and safe shelter.

Kiwanis caught teaming up with UNICEF to sterilize black and ‘brown’ people in the name of ‘preventing tetanus’

Another organization with a shady agenda disguised as “helping people” is Kiwanis International. As Adams explains in a recent video, Kiwanis actually joined up with UNICEF to implement its disturbingly titled “Eliminate Project,” which the group says involves delivering tetanus vaccines to pregnant women who may otherwise lose their children to tetanus.

Kiwanis claims that tetanus “steals the lives of nearly 34,000 innocent babies and a significant number of women each year,” hence why the group believes that it’s critical to deliver as many vaccines as possible, particularly throughout Africa. But as Adams points out, many of these vaccines are being laced with sterilization chemicals that prevent those women who receive them from having children at all.

Catholic bishops in Kenya were actually among the first to identify the presence of sterilization chemicals in the Kiwanis/UNICEF tetanus vaccines, to which they alerted the media and helped get the story out to the public – or at least the public outside of the United States. You see, the American media machine deliberately ignored the story and continues to provide cover for bother UNICEF and Kiwanis in spreading their evil behind the disguise of “aid” – and all with the blessing of the World Health Organization (WHO), which approves of this covert sterilization agenda.

“Do you think this is a coincidence? Because I challenge you: If you think this is a coincidence, you’re not connecting the dots,” warns Adams.

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