CNN sucks so much they have to PAY airports to broadcast their propaganda

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Image: CNN sucks so much they have to PAY airports to broadcast their propaganda

(Natural News) Have you ever been stuck in an airport waiting on a flight to take off or land and all you’ve got to watch is the BS being broadcast by some loser on CNN?

Well, there’s a reason for that: The network pays big bucks to airports around the country in order to carry their channel, which no doubt is the reason why CNN can claim it has a viewership at all.

According to an investigation by Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” program, CNN shells out money to more than 50 major airports in the U.S. so they will exclusively carry the network’s programming over any other news broadcasts (like Fox News, Newsmax TV, and One American News, all of which have tons more credibility).

As Big League Politics reported:

The network pays airlines around an average of $100,000 each to play the fake news, adding up to more than $6 million dollars in bribery. Such a use of network resources could be easily used to fund legitimate and newsworthy journalistic endeavors, but the network, under the leadership of Jeff Zucker, instead adopts an approach of merely paying to have its propaganda broadcast to non-consenting viewers.

That’s an important point to make: Travelers and airport customers don’t have any choice in what they watch. Airport managers have taken it away by signing contracts to bring travelers a singular (and singularly biased) point of view when it comes to ‘reporting’ and discussions of the issues of the day.

The only good thing about this is that generally speaking, TVs broadcasting CNN are either turned down so low it’s difficult to hear anything or they are completely silent, relying on closed captioning which gets old real quick, especially for travelers with less-than-perfect vision.


“CNN is paying millions of dollars to pump propaganda into America’s airports, holding its hapless travelers hostage,” Carlson reported. “CNN has contracts with 58 airports across this country.”

Continuing, Carlson noted that CNN has to pay airports to broadcast their programming “because it’s not something they would do willingly. Who would because it’s garbage?”

Propagandizing the masses like dictators and Communists

Carlson noted that the contracts are likely “costing CNN more than $6 million annually but they do it anyway because what’s the value of propaganda?”

A guest on Carlson’s program, long-time contributor and author Mark Steyn, joked that for that kind of money, CNN could purchase reruns of Angela Lansbury’s “Murder, She Wrote” and “have it translated into Hmong and they might actually have a sporting chance at some ratings.”

“I was at LAX yesterday while the anchors were talking about what a sad, somber, solemn, sorrowful day it is,” Steyn said, in reference to House Democrats’ pretend concern over impeaching President Donald Trump. “And people did look sad, somber, sorrowful, and solemn – but that was because they had been stuck at gate 59 watching Wolf Blitzer for four hours.”

It’s unclear what kind of ‘return’ CNN is getting for its investment, but ratings-wise, the network is consistently at the bottom — often coming in behind reruns, sports shows, and classic TV programming, NewsTarget reported.

It makes perfect sense why CNN’s ratings are horrible, though. Take for example the network’s incessant coverage of special counsel Robert Mueller. For nearly two years, hosts, correspondents, and ‘analysts’ reported how certain they were special counsel Robert Mueller was going to find evidence of “collusion” between Russia and the 2016 Trump campaign.

When, in March, he dropped his long-awaited report and testified that he and his Democrat-donor prosecutors had not found a shred of evidence to support or prove ‘collusion’ (because it was a lie to begin with), the network’s ratings tanked (as did MSNBC’s ratings). 

You can’t keep lying to your audience and expect them to stick around — that’s the moral of this story.

Force-feeding propaganda to audiences is akin to what dictators do in places like Cuba, China and North Korea.

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