Planned Parenthood employee Tran Nguyen admitted under oath that she wanted to sell aborted baby livers for $750 each

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Image: Planned Parenthood employee Tran Nguyen admitted under oath that she wanted to sell aborted baby livers for $750 each

(Natural News) Yet another Planned Parenthood employee has been outed for participating, or at least attempting to participate, in the abortion outfit’s cash-for-corpses scheme.

Tram Nguyen from Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast reportedly testified in court back in May that she had planned to “move forward” with selling aborted baby livers for as much as $750 each, or combination fetal livers and thymuses for a cool $1,600 per pair.

As part of the trial involving the Center for Medical Progress’ David Daleiden, who secretly recorded Planned Parenthood employees like Nguyen admitting to illegally selling aborted baby body parts for cash, Nguyen admitted that she had been appointed to assisted health care manager at Planned Parenthood back in 2008.

Nguyen’s job, we now know, was to ensure “a good clinic flow,” which included helping out in the operating rooms, handing instruments to abortion “doctors,” and assisting them with “whatever they needed during the procedures,” according to The Daily Sheeple.

As part of her court admissions, Nguyen told the judge that she was copied on an email that contained an attached agreement between a phony company Daleiden had invented called BioMax and Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast to sell the aforementioned aborted baby body organs at the aforementioned prices.

Nguyen says she forwarded this email to her supervisor, Dyann Santos, indicating that she wanted to move forward with the contract. But as you likely well know from our earlier reporting, Daleiden was merely pretending to be a rep interested in buying these organs from Nguyen, which is how he’s been exposing Planned Parenthood as a criminal black-market organ harvesting racket.


“FYI, we are still trying to move forward with this,” Nguyen wrote to Santos, to which Santos replied, “Do you want to do this?” Nguyen then answered, “Yes, ma’am.”

“Do you remember that exchange” Attorney Paul Jonna asked Nguyen in the court room more recently, to which she responded, “Not until yesterday.”

“I know I wanted to move forward with it. There were emails – from what I recall earlier, there were emails in between. Again, I’m not – I don’t make decisions on the agreements. So, I can’t tell you that I saw this and agreed with the compensation or agreed with the agreement that was sent.”

“Is there anything in the writing that says you didn’t agree with the compensation?” Jonna then asked in a follow-up question.

“No,” Nguyen then responded.

Planned Parenthood LIED about selling aborted baby body parts, but now Daleiden is the one who’s going to have to pay damages?

In a statement, Planned Parenthood of the Gulf Coast chief operating officer Jeffrey Palmer admitted that Nguyen had expressed interest “in continuing to determine if we could do tissue with BioMax,” despite the abortion chain reportedly telling Daleiden that it would never engage in the selling of aborted baby body parts.

“Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast has breathlessly told anyone who would listen the past four years that they would never sell fetal body parts and that they rejected the undercover proposals made by CMP investigators,” Daleiden is quoted as saying.

“However, the secret emails of Planned Parenthood leadership now prove that their denials were blatant lies – to Congress, to the courts, and to the public whose tax dollars fund this criminal abortion business – and they were all along trying to find ways to sell aborted baby body parts for hundreds of dollars per specimen.”

Daleiden, as you may recall, is now the one being prosecuted for his role in exposing Planned Parenthood. A San Francisco court recently convicted him of crimes for which he will now have to pay $2 million in damages to Planned Parenthood.

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