When are the deep state Spygate conspirators and their mainstream media enablers going to apologize to Americans for abusing our trust?

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Image: When are the deep state Spygate conspirators and their mainstream media enablers going to apologize to Americans for abusing our trust?

(Natural News) On Sunday, Georgetown University law professor Jonathan Turley wrote in The Hill that there are a lot of people who owe one-time 2016 Trump campaign adviser Carter Page a huge apology.

He noted: 

After he was acquitted in a major fraud trial, former Labor Secretary Ray Donovan asked, “Which office do I go to to get my reputation back?” The trial was ruinous for Donovan, personally and financially, and the question was a fair one. Donovan, however, at least received a trial. Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page has never been given a fair hearing, let alone a trial, to clear his name.

As The National Sentinel noted further, Turley — who is a liberal and who votes for Democrats — nevertheless defended President Donald Trump during the Dem-led House’s impeachment inquiry earlier this month.

And why? Because the president hasn’t done anything impeachable, and because, evidenced by the treatment of Page, the deep state and the FBI have done illegal, impeachable things.

However, no one’s been held responsible for it. And no one has apologized to Page.

Following the release of Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report documenting serial fraud and abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court by Barack Obama’s and James Comey’s FBI, we discovered just what a known quantity Carter Page really was. (Related: Democrat impeachment of Trump just a scheme to obstruct investigations into billions in alleged Biden money laundering discovered by Giuliani.)

For instance, we discovered that Page used to be an asset for the CIA — an informant. And even a cursory look at his biography will tell you why the deep state used him: His specialty was Russia.


So there was the ‘connection’ Obama, Comey, et al. needed to establish their “Russian collusion” hoax.

Only, the CIA actually did the right thing, according to Horowitz’s report. When asked by the FBI if Page was ‘one of theirs,’ the CIA responded that he was; from 2008-2013 he was an informant through his dealings with Russian intelligence.

The deep state was prepared to sacrifice Page to achieve their objective of sacking Trump

Former GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy discussed this with Fox News’ Martha McCallum last week.

In short, Gowdy and McCallum wondered why former CIA Director John Brennan, a vehement critic of President Trump, has not come out and said anything about the fact that Page was an informant for his agency. He was director for the agency between March 2013 and January 20, 2017, the day Trump was sworn into office. Before then he was Obama’s Homeland Security advisor, and before then, he was acting director of the National Counterterrorism Center during the Bush administration.

He’s a swamp creature, this Brennan; he’s been around. He knows things like who CIA assets are. And yet, he has never said anything publicly about Page being an asset, let alone offered him an apology.

Mind you, whether you disagree with President Trump and his policies, the fact is Page isn’t a cartoon character. He isn’t a figment of our imagination. He’s a real-deal American citizen, and he’s had his constitutional rights violated in just about every way imaginable — after having done nothing wrong except join the ‘wrong’ political campaign.

Why is it ‘wrong’ to be associated with Trump? Because unlike the Comeys and Brennans of Washington, Trump is the consummate outsider. He’s not ‘deep state.’ He’s not “the swamp.” In fact, he won office specifically because he wasn’t a career politician and because he pledged to ‘drain the swamp’ of creatures like Comey, Brennan, and hundreds of other intelligence and law enforcement community careerists who believe they are above the law and above the president of the United States.

Carter Page was targeted for destruction by vindictive, hateful, spiteful people who were prepared to sacrifice him and his service to our country in pursuit of a nakedly political objective — sedition.

The very least he deserves is an apology. Wonder if he’ll ever get one.

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