Warning for humanity: Globalists accelerating depopulation eugenics programs in response to populist uprisings in the UK, USA and around the world

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Image: Warning for humanity: Globalists accelerating depopulation eugenics programs in response to populist uprisings in the UK, USA and around the world

(Natural News) In response to the sweeping victory of Boris Johnson in the recent UK elections — as well as rising popular support for President Trump in the United States — globalists are now accelerating their war against humanity that’s being waged through depopulation vectors involving vaccines, chemical contaminants, engineered food shortages and other means.

This doubling down on depopulation efforts is happening because globalists have finally come to realize they cannot force the world’s citizens to surrender to global authoritarianism as was once hoped. The very existence of the EU, for example, represented the beginning stages the globalist-run “utopia” that’s long been promised by the socialists and fascists who currently run the world. They wanted to end national sovereignty, open all borders to unlimited illegal migration, consume the world’s currencies under a one world currency and exert authoritarian rule so that all citizens of the world would be forced to surrender to unelected bureaucrats living out their Hunger Games fantasies.

But the victory of Donald Trump in 2016 — and last week’s victory of Boris Johnson in the UK — means the globalist dream is rapidly crumbling. And if the people of the world cannot be forced into obedience, they must be destroyed, according to the twisted philosophy of globalist tyrants. Hence, the efforts to exterminate humankind must be accelerated.

Those efforts include:

  • The widespread use of infertility chemicals in mandatory vaccines, causing birth rates to plummet.
  • The aggressive promotion of abortions, including post-birth abortions (infanticide).
  • The continued chemical poisoning of the public water supply with toxic fluoride, which is linked to brain damage and neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • The engineered saturation of the food supply with toxic, cancer causing pesticides and herbicides, all designed to cause the premature termination of human life through cancer, liver damage and neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s.
  • The rapid rollout of 5G networks, an elaborate electromagnetic weapon system that disguises itself as a telecommunications infrastructure. 5G radiation has already been scientifically demonstrated to cause actual personality changes, altering brain chemistry and generating toxic, cell-poisoning substances under the skin that compromise human health.
  • Planned financial apocalypse events that will destroy trillions in the savings and wealth of working class citizens, effectively concentrating the remaining wealth in the hands of the elite.
  • Engineered bioweapons in vaccines, designed to spread infections and cause pandemics, along with the convenient media narrative that “everybody should go get vaccinated,” further accelerating the spread of disease.
  • An engineered food collapse leading to starvation and destitution. How is this accomplished? See the next point:
  • Terraforming of the planet by releasing particulate matter into the stratosphere, blocking the sunlight that powers photosynthesis in plants and food crops. Pursued under the false banner of “climate change,” this terraforming effort is actually an engineered mass extinction event designed to eliminate humans from planet Earth. See my sister site OblivionAgenda.com for video lectures explaining all this.


In essence, the global controllers not only have the means to destroy humanity; they now have the motive, too.

In exactly the same way a free, sovereign United States of America cannot be tolerated by Democrats, free citizens of the world cannot be tolerated by globalists. And just like with Democrats in America, globalists have decided if they can’t control the world, they will destroy it. For humans, anyway.

Mass killings are right around the corner, and this time it will be billions

Globalists have only needed humans to try to overrun free nations and place them under socialist control. That’s the only value globalists assign to illegal immigrants from Central and South America, by the way, or Middle Eastern migrants who have invaded and occupied much of Western Europe. In the long run, however, globalists don’t need these people at all… and they sure don’t need informed, aware human beings who might question the system and expose their nefarious plans.

That’s why mass killings are already in the works, and according to the Seattle Times, Washington State has just become the first state to legalize “human compositing” in order to get ready for all the dead bodies.

The term “human composting” is a misnomer. It actually involves degrading human flesh, organs and proteins using lye and other alkaline chemicals, then flushing the liquid goo into the municipal sewage system. From there, it joins all the human feces to become “biosludge,” which is trucked out of the sewage plants and dumped on orchards and food crop farms as a form of “free fertilizer” for farmers. (See my feature film Biosludged.com for the full documentary on this. You will be shocked.)

Thanks to human composting, Washington state will be liquefying the dead to feed the living, right out of The Matrix. Washington-grown apples, pears and other fruits will literally be grown in dead humans combined with “recycled” human feces, all under USDA approval, of course. It’s just one step away from Soylent Green.

Globalists, Leftists and socialists are all pursuing an anti-human agenda

The upshot of all this is that globalists (i.e. Leftists and socialists) are pursuing an anti-human agenda which identifies human beings as the enemy. The extermination of human beings will, of course, begin with the Left’s political enemies. Christians are already being slaughtered around the world in huge numbers, but of course the establishment media won’t report that. But let harm come to a single Muslim, and the media goes berserk…

This agenda pits anti-humanists against pro-humanists. That’s the delineation that now matters for our future, not a person’s political party, skin color, sexual orientation or country of origin. What matters is whether they are standing up for the future of the human race.

Who has already signed up to sell out the human race?

  • The entire left-wing media
  • All Democrats
  • The “science” establishment
  • Climate change alarmists
  • The tech giants, who also believe in transhumanism
  • The medical establishment and Big Pharma
  • Universities and public schools

What they are all pushing for is the extermination of the human race through depopulation, geoengineering / terraforming, the evisceration of individual human liberty (including free speech), the crushing of national sovereignty (which is why they hate Trump), the rise of transgenderism (a depopulation scheme to destroy fertility) and the widespread practice of abortions and infanticide.

Planned Parenthood, founded as a way to eliminate the “human weeds” of black people, according to its founder Margaret Sanger, epitomizes the anti-human philosophy that has now overtaken nearly every institution of our modern era. The desire to kill billions of people is now so ubiquitous across the realm of science that 11,000 “scientists” actually signed a letter demanding globalists eliminate billions of people from planet Earth.

Watch this excellent mini-documentary “Castration Incorporated” to learn more:

This has become the rallying cry of the globalists. Exterminate humankind. Kill billions. Liquefy their dead bodies and feed them to the remaining few who are enslaved under techno-tyranny and authoritarian rule. This is the future that globalists (i.e. socialists) are now working hard to bring to fruition, and in their minds, “success” means a mass die-off of human beings, plummeting the world population to below 500 million people.

The most “efficient” method for achieving that goal? A bioengineered pandemic

Finally, it’s worth noting that the most “efficient” method for achieving global depopulation is to unleash a bioengineered pandemic by inserting live, weaponized viruses into vaccines, then faking the initial infection hysteria to create a news cycle that convinces people to go get vaccinated. Once the vaccinations begin, the pandemic spreads like wildfire since the vaccines will of course be laced with the bioweapon.

The ideal bioweapon for such a scheme would have very long incubation times, high transmissibility and very high fatality rates once fully activated in the body. These are difficult properties to achieve for bioweapons, since they are contradictory. Viruses with long incubation times, for example, tend to have very low fatality rates. That’s why a more elaborate “binary” weapon system may be used that combined latent vaccine viruses with chemical exposure that “activates” the latent viruses in the vaccines. Were you aware that 98 million Americans were already injected with cancer viruses via polio vaccines?

If you think this all sounds too bizarre to believe, you don’t know much about reality. In 1971, Lee DuBridge, the science advisor to President Richard Nixon, urged the president to lace America’s food exports with infertility chemicals to cause depopulation in Africa and other Third World nations. This was even documented by none other than the New York Times. The article is titled, “A Sterility Drug in Food is Hinted” and was written by Gladwin Hill:

As I wrote about this issue in 2017:

To achieve the sterilization goals, [Dr. Ehrlich] “urged establishing a Federal Population Commission ‘with a large budget for propaganda,’” reports the New York Times. He also called for, “the addition of a temporary sterilant to staple food, or to the water supply” in order to cause mandatory infertility.

Dr. Barry Commoner of Washington University in St. Louis added to the discussion:

Can we not invent a way to reduce our population growth rate to zero? Every human institution – school, university, church, family, government and international agencies such as Unesco – should set this as its prime task.

Lest you think such ideas are long forgotten, Bernie Sanders recently issued a eugenics call for mass abortions in countries populated by people of color, essentially arguing that brown and black people need to be aborted.

The extermination phase now kicks into high gear

In truth, globalists have been plotting the extermination of humanity for decades, and now, thanks to rising populism and the growing refusal of world citizens to live as prison camp slaves under authoritarian rule, globalists have reach the point where they feel forced to ramp up their extermination efforts to kill billions of innocent human beings.

And yes, that means you, too. This is their “final solution” that will dwarf the crimes against humanity carried out by the Nazis of the Third Reich. Today’s anti-human socialists want to kill billions of people, not just millions.

All voices who are attempting to warn humanity about this global atrocity are, of course, completely censored by the tech giants. That’s why it’s imperative that you visit these alternative information sources to stay informed:

Brighteon.com is the free speech alternative to YouTube. My channel there is called “H.R. Report”. Also see Banned.video

Censored.news is a real-time news aggregation websites that brings you headlines from the most censored news sites on the web.

Webseed.com is the upcoming new search engine that focuses on natural health, nutrition, GMOs, cancer remedies, vaccines and more. It launches late this year.

Stay informed and you just might stay alive. Don’t take the vaccines and don’t eat the pesticide-sprayed foods. Avoid the 5G cities and get off the toxic medications. Only then will you have a chance to survive the coming extermination wave.

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