still selling COAL as a dietary supplement, and it’s loaded with lead and aluminum… where is the FDA?

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Image: still selling COAL as a dietary supplement, and it’s loaded with lead and aluminum… where is the FDA?

(Natural News) The question of the week, as it pertains to the revelation that some dietary supplement companies are selling products with potentially unsafe ingredients, is this: Why isn’t the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doing its job by going after these companies?

In case you missed it, CWC Labs (Consumer Wellness Center) recently conducted an investigation into two “probiotics” products manufactured and sold by Safer Medical of Montana, Inc. These two products contain as their number one ingredient a substance known as “leonardite” that, after being analyzed by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, in his ISO-accredited lab using advanced ICP-MS testing equipment, was found to contain alarming levels of toxic metals like lead and aluminum.

Even more digging revealed that leonardite isn’t even supposed to be consumed, but is rather intended for soil enhancement, due to its high levels of humic acid. But Safer Medical of Montana, Inc. is using it in both Prescript-Assist and Pet Flora, two probiotics formulations sold for humans and pets, respectively.

See the original laboratory video on these findings here:

Perhaps worst of all is the fact that, which refuses to sell cannabidiol (CBD) oil or other similar products, is allowing Safer Medical of Montana, Inc. to sell both Prescript-Assist and Pet Flora, even though both of these products appear to violate FDA regulations for containing an ingredient that is not generally recognized as safe (GRAS).

The Wall Street Journal recently revealed that also sells discarded food products that are repackaged as “new” and sold directly to consumers. WSJ reported literally went dumpster diving for trashed food items, then repackaged them as new and successfully sold them on to unsuspecting consumers. This means that allows almost anyone to sell anything, including hazardous products, expired products, illegal products, dangerous products and deceptive products.


It’s time for Amazon to be held accountable for failing to assess the safety and legality of the products it sells

To be clear, the same information about toxic metal contamination in leonardite is available at the product safety page of Leonardite Products, LLC, a company that mines and sells leonardite for use in agriculture. That page reveals similar lab results showing that both aluminum and lead are, in fact, present in leonardite, which is why the site contains warnings that leonardite is not intended for human (or animal) consumption because it could pose health risks.

This is what Natural News now wants to convey to our readers, as we believe that it’s in the best interests of public health to tell the truth about what we discovered, even if that makes us vulnerable to potential legal action from Safer Medical of Montana, Inc., which has already indicated that it plans to sue us for letting the cat out of the bag.

Again, our goal isn’t to harm any truthful or honest company that’s actually trying to help people pursue better health through nutrition. But this doesn’t mean that Natural News was simply going to remain silent with this information, which is pertinent to our longtime mission of keeping our readers fully informed about what’s going on in the dietary supplement industry. After all, we care about the health of our readers, and don’t want anyone to be hoodwinked by questionable products with potentially unlawful ingredients.

“All of this brings up an important question: Why is selling a probiotics supplement made with a non-food-grade mineral matrix substance that contains hazardous levels of lead and aluminum if consumed orally?” asks Adams, suggesting that a lawsuit against Amazon may be necessary to halt its sales of such products.

“Why isn’t the FDA raiding Amazon warehouses across America to confiscate this product and protect the public?”

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