7 WORST food and medicine ingredients of 2019

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Image: 7 WORST food and medicine ingredients of 2019

(Natural News) Just when you think you’re out, they pull you back in. Trying to go vegan or vegetarian and boost your longevity odds? Have you been cutting back on “red meat” or even cutting it out to help your heart and cleansing organs? Maybe you “took a chance” and avoided the flu shot. Yes, you’re getting smarter and closer to the truth, but you’re not quite there yet. The food industry is tricky, with well-hidden ingredients that can completely undermine all your hard work.

Are you one of those people who tries “healthy” items at fast food outlets and thinks they actually have some kind of nutritional value or relevancy? There’s no use going jogging to get in shape if you’re going to wear bad shoes. The problems will just rear their ugly heads later, and you probably won’t be able to run at all for quite a while. Get it?

Maybe you choose your meats “wisely” and look for steak, burger and salmon that have that a deep reddish/pinkish hue — that must mean it’s fresher. Maybe you’re dead wrong. Big Food knows your little strategies and they’ve ruined them, along with everything processed and GMO. Wait, you didn’t know? That’s red dye, and it’s toxic to your health. And it’s only one of their many tricks.

Just when you think you’re doing it right, you find out you’re wrong, again

Some people think if they just buy everything organic, they’re “good to go,” but they may be forgetting that many “certified organic” foods are imported from China, where heavy metal contamination runs high, and the USDA does not care, nor do they even check those levels of lead, aluminum, tungsten, you name it. Just take a look at China’s water supply and you’ll understand. Then there are organic foods chock full of blood-coagulating canola oil. That’s bad health news across the board.


Canola oil is blood-clogging, not “heart healthy,” as they’ve claimed for decades. It coagulates and causes weight gain, memory loss, cancer and dementia. Yes, even if it’s “organic” or “cold pressed” or “expeller pressed.” It just doesn’t matter because it clogs your blood and causes dementia. Fact: Alzheimer’s Disease barely existed in the USA 100 years ago.

Another example is whole grains. Millions of consumers switched to “whole grains” or “multi-grain” for just about anything they could find, when the mass media told everybody that they are healthy, but they all got blind-sided by glyphosate, the world’s serial-killing herbicide that combines with other deadly chemicals to saturate crops with cancer-causing pesticide. Now it’s sprayed on almost all grains in the USA at harvest as a drying agent, to prevent mold and fungus in the storage silos.

Don’t fall for the A.H.P.S. – American Health Ponzi Scheme

Trying to eat “less red meat” and stick with that faithful bird all you carnies? If it’s not organic, you can bet your last copay it’s been doused with bleach for your “safe consumption.” And don’t forget, the CDC still tells you NOT to wash off your chicken in your kitchen or you might spread salmonella and E. coli all over your counter tops. Go figure. Those chicken “farms” (indoor barns full of feces and sickly chicks) are so filthy only chemicals can stave off all the diseases.

Time to buy organic, local food and filter all your water yourself with a Big Berkey. Seek only natural medicine and never buy any food or medicine advertised on television, or pushed heavily by public schools and medical quacks. Why do you think the flu shot is free? It’s not because it builds immunity, my friends. Don’t fall for the American Health Ponzi Scheme.

2019 Reflection: Top 7 FOOD & MEDICINE ingredients that were exposed for what they really are – toxic

Keep an eye out for these foods to avoid:

  1. Cancer-causing GMO soy in plant-based “burgers”
  2. Cancer genes in vaccines (plus entire abortion genomes)
  3. Glyphosate in nearly all California wines and kid’s cereals
  4. Canola oil (in nearly every premixed “salad” at nearly every supermarket’s rapeseed-laden food bar)
  5. Mercury (listed as thimerosal at 50 percent concentration) in nearly all US flu shots
  6. Chlorine in most US chicken
  7. Artificial pink dye in red meats and salmon

Tune in to NaturalNews.com for updates in 2020 on how the biotech industry is trying to turn everyone into mindless zombies for the next election.

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