Are humans one long-term SHTF scenario away from a civil breakdown?

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Image: Are humans one long-term SHTF scenario away from a civil breakdown?

(Natural News) Preppers spend a lot of time making plans and preparing for the next big disaster. But no matter how prepared you are, there may come a time when one disaster could send the world into chaos that could change your life permanently. Throughout the history of humanity, civilizations had risen and fallen numerous times. Are you prepared for the next civil breakdown?  (h/t to

One small breeze could topple the foundations of civilization

The term “civilization” is derived from the Latin word civis, which means citizen. In a civilized society, authorities impose rules and regulations to “train” their citizens to remain civilized and prevent bad behavior in fear of punishment. However, if you strip away those rules and let the people run amok, how long would it take for society to collapse back into barbarism and savagery?

The problem with being civilized is that normalcy bias can make people assume that life will remain the same as it has always been. What they don’t know is that any major disaster could potentially lead to a civil breakdown. The Holy Roman Empire, for instance, had multiple factors in play that led to its downfall.

Modern society is exceptionally reliant on the luxuries and comforts brought by technological innovation. If these things were removed, society could very well crumble.

A civil breakdown is more likely to occur when people are extremely dependent on external systems for their survival. One of these systems is the system of distribution.

In times of disaster, plenty of supermarket shelves go empty quickly as people do last-minute shopping to stockpile supplies. What normally happens afterward is that delivery trucks would bring fresh supplies to the supermarkets to restock the shelves. But what if they don’t?


For the unprepared, it means that getting food, medicine, and other necessities for survival becomes much more difficult. Some individuals might even resort to uncivilized means like looting to get the supplies they need.

Electricity is another thing plenty of people cannot live without. After all, it powers most devices, gadgets, appliances, and many others. If the grid goes down long-term because of a disaster, businesses and services will cease to operate, halting normal day-to-day activities. (Related: 10 Practical tips that will help you survive a long-term disaster without electricity.)

Another thing that could topple the foundations of civilization is the constant conflict between opposing political ideals, like the current situation in the US wherein the incredible differences of opinion often spark words or actions fueled by hate. These tensions could go into the extremes and cause a sporadic civil breakdown if things are left unresolved.

Surviving the fall

The fall of civilization can be avoided. But, as all preppers know, disaster can bring about unexpected circumstances. Before civilization is brought to its knees completely, there will first be civil unrest. In a dog-eat-dog world, you must be prepared to overcome challenging situations. Here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Make sure that you have all the necessary and backup supplies. These include food, water, and sanitation that can last for at least a few months.
  2. Pick up a few homesteading and self-sufficiency skills, so you’re less reliant on external systems to keep yourself alive.
  3. Invest in security features for your home to protect it from future looters.
  4. If possible, form a community of like-minded individuals that can help each other out when SHTF.
  5. Save cash and accumulate goods for barter. You’ll never know how society will change with an ongoing societal collapse, so keeping both cash and trade goods can be useful in getting any supplies you lack.

When the tipping point of civilization does come, chaos will follow. When or where it happens is anyone’s guess. The one hope preppers have is that they have the necessary skills and tools to ride out the struggles and survive.

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