Human blood sausage promoted as VEGAN since it’s human blood, so no animals are harmed to create it

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Image: Human blood sausage promoted as VEGAN since it’s human blood, so no animals are harmed to create it

(Natural News) A disgusting new trend is emerging within the world of veganism, as some vegans are now reportedly having their own blood extracted from their bodies and turned into “cruelty-free sausage.”

At first we thought it might have been dark satire, but it appears as though so-called “human blood sausage” is actually becoming a thing, at least in Spain where video footage shows blood being extracted from a person’s body with a syringe, mixed into some kind of “grated meat,” and boiled before being eaten.

This hideous, modern-day expression of cannibalism is simply the latest example of leftists gone mad, as the allegedly “food conscious” among us aim to “save the planet” by eating themselves and their friends rather than animals like cows and pigs.

Though the video clip of “human blood sausage” in the making provided few details as to who is now doing this, Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars proposes that it could be related to a woodcutter from a remote village in Spain.

Raúl Escuín, Watson explains, recently gained worldwide attention after it was revealed that he makes his own sausages from human blood, which he claims are vegan-friendly since no animals are harmed in their production.

“It’s something that I have been thinking about since I was a child,” Escuín told The Local, revealing some strange and disturbing details about his apparently abnormal childhood. “It just doesn’t seem that weird to me.”

CNN apparently doesn’t think it’s weird either, as the mainstream media outlet back in 2017 featured Believer host Reza Aslan trying to make the case for cannibalism by eating the cooked “meat” of a human skull on camera.


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The satanic globalist overlords want you to reject your sexuality, eat your own body, and have sex with bugs and animals

VICE is similarly trying to warm its followers up to the idea of eating things other than traditional meat, which actually pales in comparison to its new pro-beastiality agenda (which we won’t link to for obvious reasons).

Watson describes all of this gross perversion and the continued efforts to mainstream it as the “Clown World Order,” which is exactly what it is – and actually much worse. If the globalists are successful in mainstreaming these types of ideas, they will achieve their goal of turning the planet completely upside and making you and your family their slaves.

If you think this is some kind of joke, consider all the gender-bending that’s infiltrating our schools as yet another prominent example of the systematic destruction of humanity. The globalists are desperately trying to teach today’s youth that there’s no such thing as biology at the same time that they’re destroying these innocents with chemical poison in the form of vaccines, GMOs (genetically modified organisms), and pharmaceuticals.

It’s an overtly anti-human agenda that, along with artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G, will one day eliminate humanity entirely – or at the very least turn every remaining human being into a genderless cyborg that’s been programmed to parade around the streets in LGBTQP “rainbow” attire.

“Someday, maybe quite soon, the madness will end and we who follow Yahusha in obedience to His commands will finally live in peace,” wrote one Infowars commenter, suggesting Christianity as the only escape to the ever-worsening evil that’s consuming our planet.

“This world is a zombie planet – murdering babies, eating human blood, doing worse things. And the people silently shuffle on.”

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