YouTube shuts down Patriot Fire’s page for promoting border wall, calling it “hate speech” — Brighteon video platform welcomes pro-America speech

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Image: YouTube shuts down Patriot Fire’s page for promoting border wall, calling it “hate speech” — Brighteon video platform welcomes pro-America speech

(Natural News) In September Roger Ogden with the group Patriot Fire noted that U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced a $9.8 billion plan to construct 509 miles of new fence along the U.S.-Mexico border that was codified in federal law in 2006, with both Republican and Democrat support.

The construction of single- and double-row barriers was called for in the Secure Fence Act. But shortly after Democrats took control of the House and Senate, they defunded the law and most of the fencing never got built.

Enter President Donald Trump, whose 2016 campaign focused heavily on border security, stopping illegal immigration, and building a “big, beautiful wall.”

Well, parts of an actual wall are being built, but the $9.8 billion CPB funding plan sought to finally carry out the construction called for by the Secure Fence Act. (Related: It can’t be said enough: Dems supported border security before Donald Trump demanded it.)

Ogden noted last month: 

It seems they are completing the requirements of the Secure Fence Act of 2006 in more nearly the way it should have been done from the beginning. To do more than that would probably require a new law by Congress.

Last week when Trump was at the border they said they would construct a double fence where it makes sense, that is probably areas of large urban populations and/or close to highways where illegals can be picked up.

Before the president took office, there was approximately 650 miles of fence; roughly half of it was designed to stop vehicles and is very easy for individuals to climb over or pass through. 

Anyone who has actually been to the U.S.-Mexico border in much of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California  knows that fencing is practically non-existent. Ogden observed that those areas, especially if they are high-traffic/high crime should be repaired first.

This is simply more punishment for a Trump supporter by the Left-wing social media cabal

He laid out his concerns and these priorities on the Patriot Fire YouTube channel. But because YouTube is run by Left-wing speech Nazis who hate Trump and hate the concept of border security, the platform took down his page this week over alleged “hate speech” violations.

“Recently, I have been posting videos about the status of the existing border fence and construction of new fence on YouTube. They suspended my channel that I created about 10 years ago, saying that the reason was hate speech and promoting violence,” he wrote in a note to The Gateway Pundit.

Ogden says he believes the real reason behind removal of his page is that the 2020 election is approaching rapidly and the border will no doubt be another major campaign issue for the president; any videos showing signs of progress would be political gold for Trump and bad for any Democrat who opposes him.

The Patriot Fire founder also noted the arbitrary nature of YouTube’s actions. “I didn’t have any strikes against the channel and had almost exclusively been doing videos about the border in recent months,” he wrote.

He added that his videos had received close to 300,000 views and that the number was growing. Ogden also said he wasn’t trying to be partisan in the videos (because rank conservative partisanship will get you banned more quickly) and was just being “factual.”

Alas, anything that helps this president, though, is deemed ‘bad’ and thus ban-worthy by the social media behemoths. They’ve been doing this to conservative and pro-Trump content now for at least the past year. And they plan on doing more of it as 2020 approaches.

That’s what makes a video platform like the perfect choice. It’s a free speech platform that doesn’t discriminate against anyone for their point of view. Liberal, conservative, libertarian, whatever — as long as you’re not promoting violence or something illegal, you can post whatever you want. 

It’s a platform that’s going to be needed more than ever in the coming months. Check out today.

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