UPS partners with CVS Pharmacy to carpet bomb America with medications delivered via drones

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Image: UPS partners with CVS Pharmacy to carpet bomb America with medications delivered via drones

(Natural News) As part of its new “Flight Forward” program, shipping giant UPS is officially partnering with CVS Pharmacy to develop and implement an innovative package delivery system that will involve pilotless drones bringing drug prescriptions right to patients’ doorsteps.

According to those involved, the test program has the potential to deliver drug medications as quickly as 10 minutes after an order is placed. Footage demonstrating a UPS drone quite literally dropping a prescription package on a doorstep is available for viewing at ABC News.

The federal government reportedly gave UPS Flight Forward the green light to move forward with the program, which is an offshoot of an existing one in North Carolina, where medical samples are already being delivered via drone to WakeMed Hospital in Raleigh.

UPS claims that it has already successfully delivered some 1,500 medical samples to the WakeMed campus without hitch, and that the next phase is “to deliver packages to consumers at their homes in the near future.”

“As the country’s first fully-certified drone airline, UPS Flight Forward is rapidly building a robust customer base and a network of technology partners to galvanize our leadership in drone delivery,” UPS said in a statement.

“We will create new logistics and delivery solutions no one has ever considered. Previous industry thinking had been limited to only ground transportation technology,” the company further added.

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The deep state wants all patients pharmaceutically drugged at all times without them ever having to exert any effort whatsoever

Getting in the car and heading over to the CVS pharmacy counter or drive-thru to pick up a prescription is apparently too much for some patients to handle, which is why they now need little robot drones from UPS to hand-deliver their medications on-demand.

Never even having to leave the house would seem to be the future of pharmaceutical medicine. If you’re a patient who needs a drug fix, just sit back, relax, and wait for the UPS/CVS robots to bring you your synthetic chemicals on-demand – no need to lift a finger!

If things keep moving in this direction, it’s not too far-fetched to imagine a future where patients won’t even have to open the door and bend down to pick up their medications. Instead, they can simply plug themselves in to giant pharmaceutical pods where drugs are delivered directly into their bodies around the clock.

Perhaps one day pharmaceutical companies will partner with local utilities to install piping networks that allow drugs from CVS to be sent through the system into people’s pod, with the simple press of a button. Or maybe technology will become so “advanced” that patients won’t even have to press a button, and can simply think about the drugs they need, which will tell CVS to fill the prescription stat.

A movement-less pharmaceutical future might sound like some kind of dystopian fiction novel, but it’s honestly not that far-off. Chances are, patients will one day have instant access to their pharma pills without them having to really do anything at all. Patients will simply float around in their at-home pods and let the drugs flow through their veins, compliments of UPS and CVS.

“I just can’t get behind the whole drone-delivery idea; all I see is some nitwit with a BB gun (or worse) thinking it’s early Christmas every time one flies over, or at the very least a chance for target practice with a possible bonus at the end,” wrote one concerned ABC News commenter about this latest development.

“I know there’ll be some security measures and all that, but you know dang well it’s gonna happen … and with drugs in the box? Good lord, what could go wrong there … nope.”

Be sure to check out Mike Adams’ satirical parody of drone-delivered medical services at this link.

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