Democrats may destroy audio evidence exonerating Trump in lawless effort to gaslight America with testimony falsehoods

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Image: Democrats may destroy audio evidence exonerating Trump in lawless effort to gaslight America with testimony falsehoods

(Natural News) The secret ‘impeachment hearings’ regarding President Trump that are being held in the basement of the Capitol Building by Democrats is so anathema to our founding legal principles as well as constitutional precedence they are literally endangering the future of our republic.

Those hearings, spearheaded by Rep. Adam Schiff of California, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, and approved by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, are not at all how the impeachment process is supposed to work. There are not supposed to be any secret proceedings, not only because President Trump has a right to face his accusers but also because the American public has a right to know what he’s been charged with and any evidence against him.

The president, we are told, committed an impeachable offenses when he allegedly sought a “quid pro quo” from Ukrainian President Zelensky. But the transcript of that July phone call released by the White House disproves that accusation. 

But that hasn’t stopped Democrats and their media allies from continuing to pretend as though the president has done something wrong. 

Not only are the proceedings being kept from the public, Democrats are liable to destroy any and all evidence that would exonerate the president just so they can accomplish their goal of overturning the 2016 election.

Schiff’s Republican counterpart on the Intelligence Committee, Ranking Member Devin Nunes, told Fox News’ Sean Hannity earlier this week that he’s concerned Democrats are going to destroy audio evidence and testimony that is being presented by witnesses behind closed doors because they don’t want the truth — that Trump hasn’t done anything wrong — to get out.


In describing the highly unorthodox and improper process of behind-closed-doors testimony, Nunes, also of California, said, “It’s like watching a slow motion crazy train that’s going into impeachment fantasyland looking for the Loch Ness monster,” the fictional Scottish water beast.

Nunes then said he is specifically concerned about the ‘loss’ (as in purposeful destruction) of evidence. 

Democrats are out to destroy our republic

“One of my concerns now is that I want to make sure that we preserve the actual audio recordings of these witnesses,” he said.

“Are they trying to get rid of them?” Hannity asked.

“We don’t know… Tradition has been Republicans and Democrats get the tapes and get the transcripts,” Nunes said. “Given that they are not giving us the transcripts for fear of leaking! Are you kidding me, these guys are the king of leaks! It’s absolutely incredible. The leaks come out all day long every day to all the mainstream media.” (Related: Busted: Key ‘impeachment’ witness William Taylor met with one of Adam Schiff’s staffers FOUR days before ‘Ukraine leak,’ says report.)

That’s true. The fake news Washington media has been reporting alleged “bombshells” ever since Schiff and Democrats began holding their faux impeachment hearings in secret, though there is no way they can corroborate anything because, again, the proceedings are secret. So the media is simply regurgitating what Schiff and Democrats are leaking to them. 

Of course, the proceedings are in secret precisely for that reason: So Democrats can control the flow of information, sequester any exonerating information about the president, and selectively leak statements that are either false outright or purposely misconstrued — all to shape public opinion.

And that’s the problem with this entire Democrat clown show: It’s a charade.

Nunes said that the Democrats’ ‘star witness’ this week, an American diplomat named William Taylor, was supposed to have the quid pro quo evidence. But, the California lawmaker said, Rep. John Radcliffe, (R-Texas), a former federal prosecutor, “destroyed [Taylor] in two minutes” of questioning. 

The problem is, Americans won’t know that unless they saw the Nunes interview because Schiff and Co. are not releasing transcripts of the depositions. And now he fears the audio will come up “missing” soon as well — just like Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 emails.

Our republic is being destroyed from within by the Democrat Party. 

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