GOP be warned: Impeachment will set off Democrat push to reverse Trump’s SCOTUS appointments, tax cuts and regulatory reforms

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Image: GOP be warned: Impeachment will set off Democrat push to reverse Trump’s SCOTUS appointments, tax cuts and regulatory reforms

(Natural News) Analysis: If the Democrats manage to impeach Trump in the House and achieve a conviction in the Senate, their drive to purge all conservatives from government (and from social media, the news media, education and other institutions) won’t stop with just one man. Removing Trump will be just the beginning of a coordinated effort to erase the entire Trump presidency and reverse all his actions, including the confirmation of two U.S. Supreme Court justices.

Buoyed by a conviction in the Senate — which can only be achieved if a sufficient number of GOP senators turn into traitors and betray America — Democrats will quickly declare that Trump’s conviction “proves the election was stolen by the Russians.” Therefore, they will aggressively argue, Trump’s entire first term must be erased and reversed.

This means all the following reversals will be aggressively pushed by Democrats and their complicit media, which is run by the same CIA spooks who tried to frame Trump with a fabricated series of “abuses of power” in order to illegally remove him from power in the first place:

  • The reversal of Trump’s two U.S. Supreme Court appointees (Kavanaugh and Gorsuch).
  • The removal of all Trump-appointed federal judges (there are over 150 so far, and counting).
  • The nullification of Trump’s tax cut legislation that significantly reduced corporate taxes, spurring the massive investment in business growth in America that has generated near-record job growth and near-full employment.
  • The reversal of Trump’s deregulation efforts, effectively reinstating all the regulations at the EPA and other agencies that Trump pushed to remove burdensome regulations.
  • The installation of Hillary Clinton as the “rightful” President of the United States, along with the narrative that the election was “stolen” from her, and the U.S. Senate conviction of Trump proves it.


Understand that Democrats’ ultimate goal is the enforcement of a totalitarian society where zero dissent is tolerated. All those who were placed into power by President Trump must be immediately removed from power, they will argue, if not arrested and executed by the rising Democrat demagogues.

Trump himself will, of course, be immediately arrested and charged with treason, then stuffed into a jail cell and “Epsteined” to death during another spontaneous failure of four security cameras. This is also called a “Clinton special,” otherwise known as “Arkancide.”

The Democrats aren’t playing Tiddlywinks, in other words. They are willing to commit any atrocity you could possibly imagine in order to control political power and eliminate opponents. There’s no deep state crime they won’t commit, including executions and murder.

It makes you wonder: What sort of GOP senator would go along with such an insidious plot?

GOP Senators who allow this to happen are committing blatant treason, operating as domestic enemies of the United States of America

Make no mistake: Any GOP senator (or Democrat senator, for that matter) who votes for impeachment and allows this to unfold is staking out a position of treason against the United States of America.

Full-blown treason. Criminal treason. Act-of-war level of treason. I don’t use the term lightly.

Every member of the House that votes for impeachment is similarly declaring his or her status as an enemy of due process and our constitutional republic. To vote for impeachment when the entire justification for such action is built upon a putrid cesspool of deep state lies and “gotcha” fabrications is to declare that you are unworthy of holding any office of power in any nation, let alone the United States of America.

The very process of so-called “impeachment” has been shrouded in secrecy and lies, including the fact that Rep. Adam Schiff’s “whistleblower” source now appears to have been entirely fabricated from the start. It was all a crock from the get-go.

Traitor Pelosi will only proceed if she thinks the GOP will turn on Trump in the Senate

Most likely, Nancy Pelosi will not proceed with an impeachment vote in the House unless she believes the Dems already have a sufficient number of turncoats in the Senate to achieve a conviction there. While certain treasonous GOP senators like Mitt Romney (RINO-Utah) will of course betray this nation and vote to convict the president, it seems unlikely that Democrats could turn enough GOP senators to achieve the two-thirds majority necessary for a conviction.

That is, unless the deep state is hard at work threatening and blackmailing all GOP senators at this very moment… a scenario that is almost certainly under way. If they can get to Justice Roberts, they can get to anyone, after all.

The upshot is that we are all about to find out whether our elected representatives in Washington D.C. are representatives of We the People or declared enemies of We the People.

If our “representatives” in Washington D.C. cannot defend the rule of law and the outcome of a popular election, then they have no business being in power at all. They are self-declared emperors, not representatives. And our Founding Fathers placed special emphasis in the Bill of Rights on various means to remove such dictatorial tyrants from power.

It is the duty of all Americans to oppose and legally remove from power any who betray the Constitution of the United States of America. Any GOP senators who go along with this fiasco are surrendering this nation to occupying enemy forces who are declared opponents of the rule of law. But the Dems sure love China, don’t they? They are almost universally friends of communism but enemies of America. So why are We the People allowing this treasonous filth to rule over us?

Why Trump has not yet invoked the Insurrection Act

At this point in the deep state charade, President Trump would not be out of line if he were to invoke the Insurrection Act and order the military police to arrest all the traitors in the U.S. Congress. In fact, should Trump take such an action, he would have the consent of the American people to do so.

A minimum of one million legally armed U.S. patriots would likely converge on Washington D.C. just to assist in the Commander in Chief’s declared efforts to ensure that all traitors who have betrayed this nation are taken into custody and prosecuted. They only await a call for assistance from the duly elected President of the United States of America to invoke their sworn oaths to defend this nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

The likely reason Trump hasn’t invoked this yet may be found in the imminent release of documents related to DOJ investigations (Barr / Durham), which may soon expose the unfathomable criminality and abuse of power that was carried out by “sleeper cell” Barack Obama and the FBI / DOJ under his watch.

If Trump can get the truth released in time, America may avoid the extreme political conflict that would likely accompany any attempt by treasonous U.S. senators to remove Trump from power (mostly because he’s about to expose the corruption of the GOP establishment RINOs alongside the criminality of the treasonous Dems).

All this is likely to be decided before the end of this calendar year. According to Steve Bannon, Nancy Pelosi is “focused” on impeachment and will have a successful impeachment vote within six weeks from today. If that takes place, it would thrust the “trial” onto the floor of the U.S. Senate, with compromised / blackmailed Chief Justice Roberts overseeing the entire fiasco. (Remember, Roberts was the turncoat who decided that mandatory Obamacare fees were a “tax” and not forced consumer purchases of overpriced health care premiums.)

The American people will be watching.

All traitors will be held accountable at the next election, if not sooner at the hands of Trump, the DOJ or military police.

America will no longer snooze through a political coup carried out by treasonous deep state actors and corrupt, rotten-to-the-core pieces of anti-human filth who happen to temporarily occupy positions of false power (Adam Schiff, anyone? Mitt Romney? John McCain?).

A vote to impeach is the Democrats’ final declaration of war against the American people. From that turning point, everything that takes place is entirely the fault of the Democrats and their careless, destructive quest for absolute power at any cost, even if it means thrusting this nation into an actual civil war (which seems to be their goal).

The fake news media is complicit in the criminal coup… make sure you visit independent news sources

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Turn of fake news CNN and join the rising effort to save America from the left-wing criminals, propagandists and lawless loons who are trying to carry out an illegal coup to overturn the 2016 election. If you allow them to, they will take all your power away and leave you as an enslaved, disarmed citizen with zero rights and no freedom whatsoever. Your country will be overrun by lunatic “alphabet people” transgender child abusers and illegal aliens invading our open borders. You will wake up one morning to discover that America has become Communist China — a techno-fascist surveillance state where all dissent is criminalized and the corporations worship absolute state power.

If you wish to choose an alternate future, defeat the Democrats and their deep state criminals who have now decided that they’d rather see America annihilated than rescued by an outsider like Trump.

We should all be thanking Trump. He has done more to expose the truth about deep state tyranny and political corruption than any U.S. President in history. And that’s why they are working so hard to destroy him, because truth be told, both the Democrats and Republicans are corrupt criminals who abuse their power for personal gain, all at the expense of everyone else.

If Trump is impeached and convicted, maybe it’s time for a nationwide recall of ALL members of Congress and the entire parasitic D.C. establishment class of corrupt professional bureaucrats who contribute nothing to this world other than pain, suffering and destruction.

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