Charles Barkley says Americans who don’t like the NBA’s collusion with communist China are “idiots,” admits it’s all about money

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Image: Charles Barkley says Americans who don’t like the NBA’s collusion with communist China are “idiots,” admits it’s all about money

(Natural News) Former NBA player Charles Barkley has chimed in on the league’s controversial partnership with communist China, calling fans who are critical of this questionable relationship “idiots” and “jackasses.”

Citing the “billions of dollars” that are at stake if the NBA in any way crosses communist China by supporting the freedom movement in Hong Kong, Barkley contends that the almighty dollar should always take precedent to the millions of innocent lives being oppressed by the communist Chinese regime.

“First of all, you guys have been killing Colin Kaepernick for the last X amount of years,” Barkley lamented during a recent interview on the Dan Patrick Show, trying to make a point that he never actually made. “Now, all the sudden you want to control what happens in a foreign country?”

In Barkley’s view, NBA fans and the American public at large need to just shut up about the whole thing, including the fact that China continues to harvest organs from live political prisoners – because if they don’t, NBA players could end up losing their cash cow.

“They have billions of dollars at stake,” Barkley worried aloud during the segment. “It’s a business decision. I understand the NBA. The players and the owners both got billions of dollars at stake.”

Chinese lives don’t matter to Charles Barkley, apparently

In case you didn’t know, the communist Chinese regime is among the most authoritarian in the world. People living there who refuse to toe the line of atheism, the official non-religion of China, are routinely beaten, tortured, neglected, and even starved to death, in addition to having their vital organs violently removed from their bodies.


Members of the Falun Gong religion, as we’ve reported on numerous times in the past, are held in concentration camps where they’re subjected to virtually every form of abuse and oppression before ultimately having their lives terminated by the communist Chinese government.

It’s no laughing matter, in other words. And yet, celebrity athlete wash-ups like Charles Barkley are more concerned with keeping the money flowing than with bringing justice to the oppressed, all the while expressing disdain for everyone who feels otherwise.

“The NBA makes billions of dollars in China and that goes to the owners and the players,” Berkley informed his listening audience. “So, it’s a business decision, and I totally understand that.”

Keep in mind that NBA players are sponsored by multinational corporations like Nike that do business in China. If it weren’t for China, in other words, these guys would all have to go find real jobs, as well as take a major pay cut in the process.

LeBron James, who’s also been running his mouth in support of communist China, currently makes $32 million per year from his partnership with Nike, a company whose Chinese revenues have now surpassed $6 billion.

It’s no wonder, then, that these NBA players, their teams, and the entire league are all pledging their allegiance to communist China: because their paychecks depend on it!

“Today, slavery is still a multi-billion dollar business,” noted one commenter at Breitbart News, suggesting that the NBA and its players are profiting from modern-day slavery. “We just have a slick, new politically correct name for it: human trafficking,” this commenter added.

“What are the lives of others when money is to be made?” wrote another. “These socialists sure are showing their greedy side.”

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