More phony outrage from the “mainstream media” over violent Trump meme video that almost nobody saw before it became a manufactured “scandal”

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Image: More phony outrage from the “mainstream media” over violent Trump meme video that almost nobody saw before it became a manufactured “scandal”

(Natural News) The fake news “mainstream media” would rather fabricate “scandals” involving President Donald Trump and his administration than actually report on real corruption within the Democratic Party (starting with the coup attempt known as Spygate).

As such, here we go again with more fabricated “outrage” from the media propagandists, this time over a violent meme in which the president’s likeness was used but which neither he nor anyone in his administration had anything to do with.

“The video in question shows Donald Trump shooting media members, Mitt Romney, Rosie O’Donnell and Kathy Griffin in a remake of a scene from the movie Kingsman: The Secret Service,” The Gateway Pundit noted (you can see it below — it’s been posted on the internet’s best free speech platform Brighteon).

Warning: It is violent:

The video ‘appeared’ this past weekend in a side room at the AMP 2019 Festival in Miami, Florida. But attendees at the event said they never saw it — but somehow The New York Times got wind of it and wrote a story about it without ever focusing once on the very real issues that conservatives who attended the event were discussing (one of which included a panel speaking out against political violence).

Mind you, again, the meme video played in an empty room. There were four small TVs there and reports said it appeared on only one of them. So, really, a lot of this smells like a set-up. 

But of course, the NY Times didn’t cover anything but the unseen video. Because covering, say, the discussion condemning political violence would have meant honestly reporting that the vast majority of it that we’ve seen in the Trump era has been meted out by Left-wing anarchists like Antifa and other groups aligned with the Democrat Party (like the media is).

Other conservatives felt the need to condemn the video, including Newsmax host John Cardillo. But he made sure to include the fact that he, like everyone else he was around at the event, never saw the video and never knew it was even there. 

Selective outrage is essentially sanctioning the worst treatment of a president — ever

“I find the video reprehensible and damaging to the conservative movement as it becomes the story. That said, again, I was there for three days, at times walking by the room where the video played, and I had no idea it existed. Same with pretty much every other attendee I know,” he wrote.

What’s amazing, besides the mainstream media’s non-coverage of the issues being discussed at the AMP Event, is the fact that none of the outlets reporting it expressed any remorse or outrage over videos and pictures depicting the assassination of President Trump.

Like that outrageous picture of D-List actress/comedian Kathy Griffith when she posed, stoic-looking, with a mock severed head of Trump. That was “art” and “expression” and the “First Amendment.”

Or when rapper Snoop Dogg appeared to shoot a Trump-like “clown” in one of his recent videos. Or when he posed over the “body” of a toe-tagged Trump. Even his video was marked with an “Explicit Content” rating — how’s that for hypocrisy?

Or how about when washed-up actor Peter Fonda tweeted that “we should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles” — in all caps?

Hey, no big deal. Just a guy exercising his rights.

The video meme of Trump aside, these Left-wing media lunatics are beyond hypocritical. By choosing their “outrage,” they are officially sanctioning the worst treatment of a president in the history of our country.


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