U.S. China Lake military weapons research facility likely targeted with exotic “tectonic weaponry” that caused billions in damage… is China behind the stealth attack?

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Image: U.S. China Lake military weapons research facility likely targeted with exotic “tectonic weaponry” that caused billions in damage… is China behind the stealth attack?

(Natural News) Back in early July, Southern California was struck with two almost back-to-back whopper earthquakes near the Naval Air Weapons Station in China Lake, prompting fears about an impending “Big One.” But not everything is as it seems, as reports indicate that these strange tectonic movements could have been unnaturally induced by advanced weapons systems.

It might sound crazy, but “tectonic weaponry” might have played a role in shaking the Ridgecrest area on Independence Day and the day after, sending shockwaves all throughout Los Angeles and beyond. And the culprit, suspect some, could have been China, the goal being to disrupt one of the most secretive and important United States military bases in the world.

Since the China Lake military base is where advanced Naval Air Weapons are manufactured, it’s a ripe target for an attack. And in order to cloak this attack, or at least avoid creating mass panic within the general population, America’s enemies could have disguised it as an ordinary pair of larger earthquakes, which are nothing new for California.

Keep in mind that the aftershocks associated with these two quakes lasted for months, and still continue to this very day. Based on this strange pattern of movement, some say that it’s not completely outside “the realm of possibility” that enemy forces induced this shaking with some kind of directed energy weapon, or DEW.

Were “pulse wave generator” used to engage a “stealthy” attack on China Lake?

As the Foley Art Center in Alabama tweeted immediately following this pair of earthquakes, the epicenter wasn’t just “near” the Naval weapons base at China Lake – it was the epicenter, which is a very unusual coincidence, assuming these were natural events.


These quakes also occurred just one mile beneath the surface of the base, which further suggests that the base itself was the target of a covert attack potentially involving the use of what are known as “pulse wave generators.”

“[T]here is little doubt that someone doesn’t want us to know about the ‘tectonic weapons’ being unleashed underground at the United States Navy’s largest single landholding, covering more than 1,100,000 acres in Southern California,” tweeted former professional ballerina Victoria Gates in the quakes’ aftermath.

While there doesn’t appear to exist definitive proof that these theories are undeniably true, it remains highly suspect that this pair of earthquakes struck precisely where they did: at a highly strategic location where America’s military weapons manufacturing stands to be seriously crippled, if it hasn’t been crippled already.

It would seem as though this isn’t the end of the shaking, either. Scientists recently warned that they’ve identified a “hidden fault line” underneath Los Angeles that could set off a 7.4 magnitude earthquake in the future – and this is in addition to the “Big One” that Californians have come to expect will occur on the infamous San Andreas fault within our lifetimes.

Couple all of this with the strange preemptive power cuts taking place throughout California by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) and it becomes clear that something deeply disturbing is brewing in the Golden State that, by all appearances, will affect millions of people once it all brews to the surface.

“With government’s around the world now in possession of advanced weaponry which enables them to conduct ‘electromagnetic warfare,’ it’s long been warned that the technology that allows man to ‘play God with the weather,’ as even former CIA head John Brennan has admitted now exists, can also be used to generate massive earthquakes and tsunamis,” warns Stefan Stanford, writing for All News Pipeline.

“And while it’s already approaching ‘too late’ for those in California to prepare to potentially be without electricity for a few days to a week, should what’s happening now in California be a ‘beta test’ for the take down of America as some have suggested, the rest of us may be running out of time to prepare as well,” he adds.

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