What’s next? Will the NBA announce a new plan to make official basketballs out of organs harvested from Chinese gulag prisons?

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Image: What’s next? Will the NBA announce a new plan to make official basketballs out of organs harvested from Chinese gulag prisons?

(Natural News) The NBA is all-in with communist China, as evidenced by the complete sellout of NBA coach Steve Kerr, who now says that Americans owning firearms is the moral equivalent of China’s mass harvesting of organs from political prisoners. As reported by The Gateway Pundit:

Chinese leader Mao Zedong murdered at least 65 million innocent Chinese in his reign of terror. China still has no individual freedoms, still imprisons religious minorities, still runs slave prison camps and still monitors all of its citizens. And Steve Kerr compares that to America?

Steve Kerr: “No. Nor has (America’s) record of human rights abuses come up either… People in China didn’t ask me about, you know, people owning AR-15s and mowing each other down in a mall.”


As Tucker Carlson explained on his show last night:

Steve Kerr is a phony. He’s brave when crowds applaud, but when money is at stake he shuts up and obeys like the cowardly little corporate stooge that he is. It’s hard to imagine how a man like that can look himself in the mirror at night. And yet he’s not alone.  Hardly. There are countless Steve Kerrs in corporate America all of them happy to sell out their country.



It all makes me wonder: Will the NBA soon start manufacturing official basketballs out of spare organs harvested from Chinese gulags?

After all, it’s all about profit for the NBA and its grotesque, morally vacuous players who despise America but seem to worship communist China and all the horrific crimes carried out by that communist regime. What better way to show their support for communist China than to have the very basketballs bouncing around their games actually fabricated out of harvested kidneys, stomach lining and intestinal tissue? If the NBA and its players want to worship China, then at least be consistent and make all your damn balls out of harvested organs, emblazoned with the names of the victims from which those organs originated.


After all, it’s pretty clear at this point that the NBA (and all of professional sports, it seems) is all about the money. Morality and ethics be damned. Rape, torture and organ harvesting are no barrier to NBA profits, you see. Wherever there’s money to be made, the NBA has coaches and team managers who are willing to look the other way.

The NBA hates America but worships communist China

It’s not just the NFL (National Football League) that hates America, you see: The NBA hates America, too. They trash Indiana for daring to protect little girls from male pervert transgenders, but they worship China and its organ harvesting horrors.

NBA coach Steve Kerr isn’t just a moron, he’s an affront to all humanity. Steve Kerr should be permanently banned from professional sports and thrown into a Chinese gulag for 30 days to find out what he’s really supporting. If he leaves with a kidney missing, that would make the experience all the more “authentic.”

Both Steve Kerr and the NBA are disgusting traitors to America and worshipers of communism and its grotesque violations of human rights. The next time you turn on a sports game, just remember: All these organizations — from ESPN to the NFL to the NBA — are enemies of America, enemies of freedom and complicit in the mass torture, rape and murder of innocent, freedom-loving human beings in China.

That’s why NBA now means, “Nothing But A##holes.” And Steve Kerr is exhibit No. 1.

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