Beto gets a flu shot to show he’s “normal” … but he’s actually just stupid

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Image: Beto gets a flu shot to show he’s “normal” … but he’s actually just stupid

(Natural News) To prove that he’s “just like the rest of us,” trailing presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke decided to get a flu shot the other day, rolling up his sleeves and smiling for the camera as a nurse proceeded to jab him in the arm with poison.

As part of his ongoing “relatability” campaign strategy, Robert (his real name) shared 15 seconds of his awkward flu shot encounter on his Instagram account – the suggestion to his followers of course being that they, too, should pop into their local pharmacies and get “protected” before winter arrives.

“No crying,” the nurse is heard saying to Beto in the footage as she laughingly pinches his arm skin to stick in the needle. Beto responds with a smile, followed by his best poker face – and no, he didn’t actually cry (except maybe on the inside).

Beto’s little flu shot charade was met with the same type of ridicule as some of his earlier stunts, including the time he shared an Instagram story of a visit to the dentist for a teeth cleaning. There was also that time Beto had someone film him skateboarding in the parking lot of a Whataburger fast food restaurant.

“Absolutely no one asked for this content,” one Twitter user wrote in response to Beto’s flu shot video. “Now we know why Beto wants to take everyone’s guns… He’s compensating for his lack of them,” this same commenter added, referring to Beto’s puny looking bare arms.

What’s further pathetic is the fact that this year’s flu shot is a total flop anyway, meaning Beto’s attempt to appear medically “progressive” by getting one actually proves that he’s medically regressive, and about as dumb as a box of rocks.


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When it comes to policy, Beto’s plans are no laughing matter

As hilarious as it might be to watch Beto change tires, get haircuts, and get vaccinated as part of his lame attempts to “connect” with voters, his policy proposals are certainly nothing at which to scoff.

While he appears to have absolutely no chance of being the Democrat nominee, let alone America’s choice in 2020, Beto is an enemy of the Constitution. Perhaps the most notable example of this was his recent promise to implement forced gun confiscation if elected, which would completely override our precious Second Amendment rights.

“Hell yes – we’re going to take your AR-15,” were Beto’s exact words when asked recently about whether or not he plans to challenge gun rights in response to the recent spate of alleged mass shootings.

Beto also wants to tear down all of our border walls and merge the United States into the global “community,” which would eliminate all American sovereignty and force our nation to become part of the globalists’ New World Order.

It’s important to remember this, especially as the mainstream media continually tries to divert everyone’s attention away from the things that actually matter. There’s nothing “relatable” about overriding the Constitution and Bill of Rights, even if it’s bookended by Beto’s random errands and daily activities, which he hopes will hoodwink enough Americans to get himself elected.

“Beto O’Rourke is not just like me,” wrote one Breitbart News commenter.

“He is an idiot who makes video clips to prove that point continually. He believes in a totalitarian communist government. He believes in gun confiscation. He believes in murdering babies. He continually stands on food counters in his nasty street shoes. I’m nothing like Beto and never will be, thank God.”

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