Off script, climate hysteria child Greta Thunberg can barely answer basic questions or explain anything

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Image: Off script, climate hysteria child Greta Thunberg can barely answer basic questions or explain anything

(Natural News) During a recent panel discussion on climate change that was held at the Headquarters of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Greta Thunberg was asked a question by a reporter about the “message” she hoped to send to President Trump, to which she was unable to offer a cogent response.

Apparently unprepared without her usual script, a confused Greta paused for a second, then asked the reporter to repeat the first question a second time. After he did, Greta proceeded to stumble and mumble for a few more seconds before finally saying something about how she’s “had enough,” followed by her passing the microphone off to somebody else.

“Anyone else want to answer that question?” Greta asked the rest of the panel after running out of uhs and ums to fill the void of her inability to come up with anything useful-sounding to say. “I can’t speak on behalf of everyone,” she then added, deflecting from being put on the spot.

One of the panel moderators is then heard whispering to the other panel members, all children, about any message they have for world leaders, to which all of them, including Greta, had absolutely nothing to say.

After these six children, including Greta, finished up looking around at each other with blank stares in total silence, another reporter proceeded to specifically ask Greta another question about how she feels President Trump should respond to her message, prompting her to respond:

“I think maybe you should give some questions to the others as well.”

In other words, Greta has a whole lot to say only when she’s told precisely what to say. But when she’s not and has to think for herself, Greta is a confused mess, just as we’ve been warning.

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Tucker Carlson says Greta “phenomenon” is about leftists exploiting children to amass more power

Many leftists news outlets conveniently ignored this total embarrassment at the U.N. because it exposed Greta as an actress working on behalf of the climate brigade to spread climate propaganda. Tucker Carlson from Fox News seems to agree, having summed up the Greta Thunberg “phenomenon” during a recent segment of his show as a power play by the Left.

“The point now is political power,” Carlson explained.

“You gin up a crisis and you demand the population submits to your will, or else,” he added. “If you do that, you don’t need to fight fair or acknowledge democracy or even make a rational case for your position. You do whatever it takes. You’ll even use children if it helps.”

Carlson went on to describe the Left’s use of child pawns like Greta as a “human shield” ploy, meaning leftists hope that the public won’t criticize the message she’s spreading because it’s coming from the mouth of a child.

But we already know that the message isn’t Greta’s. It’s the message that globalists like George Soros are telling Greta to proclaim as her own via her adult “coaches,” which include German climate activist Luisa-Marie Neubauer from the ONE Foundation.

“When you use children to demand power, they become a kind of human shield. You can hide safely behind them,” Carlson warns.

“No one can criticize you. But who would do something that unscrupulous? Anyone who would do that is someone who would literally do anything to seize control, and that’s exactly what they are doing.”

Be sure to check out this video at, which explains how the tactics being employed by Greta and her climate army are the same ones that were used during World War II in Nazi Germany.

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