Engineering school lowers entry requirements for women, guaranteeing the future collapse of buildings that are engineered by people who couldn’t make the cut

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Image: Engineering school lowers entry requirements for women, guaranteeing the future collapse of buildings that are engineered by people who couldn’t make the cut

(Natural News) Since women apparently aren’t smart enough to make it in the field of engineering on their own merits, the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) in Australia has decided to give them a little extra boost by drastically lowering its entry requirements, making it easier for women to get accepted into the program.

According to reports, the goal is “to get more women to study engineering and consequently get into the engineering workforce” by basically dumbing down the entire engineering curriculum. In the process, UTS will be able to virtue signal about how “diverse” it is, while simultaneously disenfranchising men who are actually qualified for entry into the program.

Even though the actual reason why there are more men than women in engineering has to do with lack of interest rather than lack of smarts, UTS has decided to insult the entire female gender by insinuating that women require special treatment because they’re just too darn stupid to achieve anything on their own.

What UTS is telling women, in essence, is that their brains are incapable of comprehending what it means to be an engineer under the current high standards. As a results, these standards need to be abolished in order to make engineering more “inclusive.”

How many office buildings and parking structures will need to collapse before “woke” society realizes that forced diversity is a bad idea?

Our immediate thought, which may be yours as well, is that dumbing down the field of engineering like this in a sexist attempt at drawing in more women isn’t exactly sustainable in terms of public safety.


Recognizing that female “engineers” will now be given certifications and degrees for qualifications they don’t actually possess, it’s only a matter of time before the office buildings and parking structures they help “build” start collapsing due to shoddy work.

Such a scenario has already taken place in Florida, where a bridge actually collapsed due to “a glaring weakness at a key connection point,” which experts admitted after the fact was “apparently overlooked by designers.”

The bridge was built at Florida International University in Miami, and was meant to be a “uniquely memorable bridge” – which it has now become, but in a much different way than intended.

“… the design hid a fatal flaw that its designers and reviewers failed to recognize, according to experts who have examined plans and mathematical calculations of the project,” reported the Miami Herald.

If the next generation of engineers ends up lacking the know-how in properly building bridges, skyscrapers, and other massive structures because they were unfairly awarded the title of “engineer” simply for having a vagina, then it’s only a matter of time before more such incidents become an everyday occurrence, putting potentially millions of lives at risk.

On the flip side, there are plenty of women currently studying law and medicine, two fields with high or higher standards than engineering, which once again proves that women aren’t too dumb to be engineers, but rather aren’t interested in being engineers.

“The men who are discriminated against, who work hard to get into the schools, who have an actual interest in engineering who will now be passed over for less qualified women, are not victims,” wrote one Infowars commenter, sarcastically.

“No, it’s the women who are given preferential treatment who are the real victims,” he added, noting that the feminist society of today is “always pretending that everyone except white men are the victims, even as it is only white men who are discriminated against.”

“Pathetic,” this same commenter concluded.

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