Why was it okay for the ENTIRE media to criticize the Covington boys, but no one is allowed to criticize climate fearmonger Greta?

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Image: Why was it okay for the ENTIRE media to criticize the Covington boys, but no one is allowed to criticize climate fearmonger Greta?

(Natural News) Just a few short months ago, the mainstream media went irate about some boys on a field trip, one of whom “smirked” at a “Native American elder” who was obnoxiously beating a drum in his face in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. After twisting the story and blaming the incident on the boys simply because they were wearing “Make America Great Again” hats in support of President Trump, leftists followed suit in expressing their own rage about the alleged incident, decrying the boys and even calling for their deaths, simply for the “crime” of “smirking.”

Fast-forward to today, and these same leftists are once again going irate, but this time it’s because tens of millions of Americans aren’t buying the climate tripe being sold by the likes of Climate Nazi Greta Thunberg. Simply for criticizing her theatrics, detractors of the climate narrative are being accused of “hating” Greta, which is just not allowed because she’s a child, they claim. But why, then, was it okay for leftists to hate the aforementioned school boys, from Covington Catholic High School, who are also just children?

Thunberg, a loud and proud eco-fascist leading the Climate Youth movement, is actually deserving of criticism. It’s important to make this distinction, because what she’s doing by parading herself around, demanding that world leaders kowtow to her demands, is a certifiable threat to the freedoms and liberties of everyone, Americans included. The Covington boys, on the other hand, didn’t actually do anything wrong other than to exist while white and male, which means, at least according to liberals, that they must be silenced using any means possible.

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Where were the “journo-terrorists” in protecting the Covington children from leftist hate?

As you may recall, it was a handful of “journalists” in the mainstream media who actually called for Covington boy Nick Sandmann to receive capital punishment for daring to smile in the face of Native American “elder” and veteran fraud Nathan Phillips. This is why Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, dubbed those in the media who did this as “journo-terrorists,” seeing as how they had absolutely no regard for human life – in this case, children’s lives.

Now that the tables are turned, however, with Thunberg as the target of criticism, we’re suddenly back to a how dare you! approach where it’s once again off-limits to express anything other than approval for her delusions. We’re all expected to simply nod in agreement with everything that Thunberg says as we chant to ourselves, this is what the future looks like!, all with a smile, of course.

To even suggest that Thunberg might be a victim of the climate mob, seeing as how she has Asperger’s and suffers from depression and anxiety, and is thus a ripe target for exploitation, is akin to committing an unpardonable sin in the eyes of liberals.

Thunberg can do no wrong, they claim, so you’d better agree with everything she says and adapt your lifestyle to her whims, or else you’re an “intolerant hater.” But those Covington boys? Yeah, they should be strung up with ropes for spreading the “hatred” of President Trump – who’s still every leftist American’s president, by the way.

“Greta Thunberg – the hysterical 16-year-old girl who has been rolled out by her Antifa-linked parents to lecture the world about the climate change hoax – is apparently a prisoner of a torturous brainwashing / indoctrination scheme that has terrorized the poor girl into believing she will literally die if global warming isn’t stopped,” Adams writes.

Be sure to check out this video at Brighteon.com, which explains in further depth how Greta Thunberg represents a modern day version of the Hitler Youth movement.

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