This is why Americans are arming up for bear: Over 100 million people have been brutally slaughtered by the political philosophy being pushed on America by Democrats in 2019

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Image: This is why Americans are arming up for bear: Over 100 million people have been brutally slaughtered by the political philosophy being pushed on America by Democrats in 2019

(Natural News) We are assured by the Deep State, academia, and the slimestream media that there is a political spectrum that runs from communism on the left to fascism on the right. Of course, leftists will deny that communism is totalitarian, but reasonably sane people know that it is the most tyrannical system ever devised. This means that the spectrum runs from dictatorship at one end to dictatorship at the other. But this is absurd, for a spectrum, by definition, runs from one extreme to its opposite, as in red to violet, down to up, or dark to light.

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Let me propose a very different spectrum: on the left is fascism; on the right is anarchy; in the middle is free enterprise and limited republican government. But wait, you ask, what became of communism?

It’s really very simple. Communism is fascism. Behind all the pretty but nonsensical rhetoric about “from each according to his ability and to each according to his need,” and slogans like “workers of the world unite,” communism is invariably an all-controlling state micro-managing the lives of all the people, who are deprived of their property and their freedom. A small, privileged elite live in luxury and control the state, which owns everything. It always is militaristic; there is always a federal secret police force (like our corrupt and politicized FBI); and it always murders thousands or even tens of millions of its own citizens.

The pretty rhetoric is intended to hide the fact that communism was never intended to be anything other than tyranny. Remember that the Bolshevik revolution in Russia was bankrolled by Western banks; Lenin was sent by the Kaiser’s Germany back to Russia in a sealed train; and Trotsky had been allowed to move to the US and live in New York City and then return to Russia to play a leading role in the revolution and to organize the Red Army. And today leftist politicians, including our insane clown posse of Demoncrap Presidential contenders, are wealthy people supported by even wealthier ones. In fact, almost every American billionaire and most of our major corporations support every leftist cause imaginable.


But weren’t Mussolini and Hitler right wingers? So we are told, but look at their history. Mussolini had been, like his father before him, a lifelong member of a socialist party, but he always advocated, not “democratic socialism,” but extreme, revolutionary socialism which, by definition, is communism. And the fascist party he founded enacted New Deal type legislation, and the means of production was controlled by an unholy alliance of fascist politicians and bureaucrats and wealthy business owners. This bears a more than coincidental resemblance to the monopolistic crony capitalism we suffer from in the US today (we have not had true free enterprise since 1913 at the latest).

Whether an economy is controlled by the state alone or by such an alliance does not matter; in each case a small group control the government and the means of production. And of course Mussolini’s secret police tortured and jailed dissidents and Mussolini was a war-mongering fool who led his country into a disastrous war in an attempt to recreate the Roman Empire. In fact, the fascist salute was copied from the ancient Roman salute, and Hitler and the Nazis used it as well. Modern leftists use the same gesture, but with their little girly fists clenched to show what tough, macho warriors they are.

As for “right wing” Hitler, as a young man he fancied himself an artist (in fact, he did have some talent). And he lived a classic Bohemian/Beatnik/Hippy lifestyle in Vienna, until his inheritance ran out. This lifestyle, and the artistic or literary pretensions, are typical of most leftists. When Hitler came to power he also enacted New Deal type laws, which should not be surprising considering that “Nazi” is the acronym for the National Socialist Party. Once again, the economy was controlled by an unholy alliance of wealthy corporate executives and Nazi Party leaders.

Remember that fascism, whether it is called fascism or communism, is something far beyond most monarchies or the dictatorships established by classic strong men, like Franco in Spain or Putin in Russia. Fascism always ultimately leads to a war on the family and traditional morality and on religions like Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism. Most traditional dictators and kings were content to leave ordinary people alone provided that they paid their taxes and did not openly oppose their rulers. But even Hitler, Stalin, and Mao never forced the homosexual or sex change agenda on their people. America’s contemporary fascists (they control both parties but especially the Demoncraps) are the most evil of them all, and they are coming out of the closet and revealing their true nature.

And what are the ultimate origins of fascism? In my one and only book, The Atlantis Conspiracy, I suggested that it dates back into prehistory and is in reality a demonic cult, and that many of its current leaders practice ritual magic and have access to at least some secret knowledge (and perhaps advanced technologies) dating back to a time before the dawn of modern history. This does not necessarily mean that the same cult has existed all this time (although that is quite possible), but that its beliefs and practices have.

The first obvious known example of fascism in ancient but historical times was the Greek city state Sparta. We all admire the fearless warriors who fought the Persians at Thermopylae, but they were the products of a brutal tyranny that encouraged homosexual perversion and sex between men and small boys, and brutally enslaved an entire class, called “helots.” The Spartans also practiced infanticide, rather like America today. Plato’s Republic appears to have been inspired by Sparta.

In the ancient world there were mystery religions and priesthoods that probably were descendants of the Atlantean cult. These were supposedly repressed in Europe by the Catholic Church, although it can be argued that elements of paganism survived within the Church. Sometime before 1023 a Catholic holy order surfaced; its members called themselves the Knights Hospitaller, and provided medical support to Christian pilgrims visiting the sacred sites in what is now Israel. Their symbol was a cross, but not a Christian cross. It was an eight-pointed cross…an ancient pagan symbol.

Today they still exist as an order within the Church, and are known as the Knights of Malta. In 1119, right after the First Crusade (1096-1099) another order emerged within the Church, closely connected to St. Bernard and his Cistercian order…the Knights of the Temple, or Templars, whose emblem was another form of the equal-sided cross. Their name was based on their taking up residence on Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Their stated purpose was to protect Christian pilgrims to the Holy Land, but they also busied themselves digging and exploring in the network of tunnels under the Mount, seeking…what? Gold and treasure? The Ark of the Covenant? Or ancient knowledge? Perhaps it was all of the above, and perhaps they found at least some of what they sought.

The ancient Jewish priesthood may have inherited ancient knowledge from both the Babylonians and the Egyptians. In 1312 the French King Philip the Fourth and his puppet Pope Clements, whom he had installed as a head of the Church accused the Templars of heresy, and brutally tortured and burned their leaders. Yet many of the Templars escaped, and most of their treasure was never found by the King. Their large fleet also escaped, and may have found refuge in Scotland, or even sailed to the New World. Many Templars simply joined the Knights of Malta, and, in Spain and Portugal, they renamed themselves as the “Knights of Christ” and escaped persecution. Columbus’ three ships carried the red cross of the Templars; his father in law reportedly was a member of the cult, and, possibly, Columbus as well. Did he inherit ancient maps and geographical knowledge passed down for countless thousands of years?

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